2015 Hyperbiotics Healthy Holiday Gift Guide!

2015 Hyperbiotics Holiday Gift Guide!

Need some inspiration for health-conscious or environmentally-friendly gifts to give this year? We’ve got you covered! From epic presents to thoughtful stocking stuffers, the 2015 Hyperbiotics Holiday Gift Guide is full of unique finds for the ones you love.

Check out our non-traditional compendium of products perfect for just about everyone on your holiday gift list!

Our little ones are all about the sidewalk chalk on sunny days, and we’re loving the concept behind We Can Too’s organic sidewalk chalk. It’s colored with natural veggies (it’s both vegan and organic) and with no harmful chemicals, it’s safe for even the smallest of babies to enjoy this spring.

Give the gift of glowing skin and ultimate health with Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Juice recipe book! It’s positively packed with good-for-your-gut juices that are both super healthy and delicious.

A daily practice of gratitude can generate a peace of mind, a healthier brain, and a happier life. The Five Minute Journal is a simple, daily journal backed by research in positive psychology to help you start and end your days on a good note.

Pact Apparel is doing their part to end child labor and transform the way clothing is made. Their ultra soft textiles made from non-GMO, pesticide-free, organic cotton are perfect for legging-lovers everywhere.

Give your friends and family their very own crop of delicious and healthy shiitake mushrooms that grow on rustic, hand-cut logs from Shop Terrain. Healthy mushrooms like shiitakes are super flavorful and the best part is that this is a gift that keeps on giving - you can often get multiple harvests out of one log.
Have you ever tried cacao-nectar? Honey Mama’s is a Portland-based company that makes truly delectable, chocolatey treats made with fresh cacao powder and locally-sourced ingredients that are as good for your body as they are for your tastebuds. We’re obsessed with it!

What if you could help save a life by buying a t-shirt? This Shirt Helps is a radical new idea in the conscious giving space in which you get to choose the humanitarian or environmental cause that your purchase goes to support. Will it be animals? Or rainforest preservation? It’s a wonderful way to do something good with your holiday purchase this year.

Kombucha is a gut-healthy drink that’s packed with probiotics, and it’s easy to brew at home - with the right equipment, that is! Kombucha Brooklyn’s Home Brew Kit comes with quality equipment and excellent instructions for the novice home brewer. Kombucha is packed with probiotics - making it our favorite gift on the list when it comes to promoting a healthy gut.

We’re wild about bone broth for all of its amazing health benefits, and one wonderful company is helping to make high-quality bone broth more accessible. Ryan and Katherine Harvey just published this Bare Bones Broth Cookbook full of excellent tips and recipes for making nutritious bone broth at home.

What could be cooler than Sprout Pencils? Maybe nothing. The perfect gift for your artsy and eco-friendly friends, these colored pencils come with a small, plantable pod at the end with a seed inside. Meaning that once you’re finished with your creations, you can plant the remainder of your pencil and watch them grow into an array of herbs or flowers.

Devoted to supporting a natural and health-conscious lifestyle, we just love the passion behind the products from Dayspa Body Basics. With a holistic approach to skin care using locally-sourced organic safflower oil that’s high in Vitamin E (among other natural ingredients), we can’t get enough of their natural body care products.

These remarkable and beautifully-designed headphones and earbuds are helping to address the problem of hearing loss and impairment around the globe. So far, LSTN has helped more than 20,000 people hear in the U.S., Peru, Kenya, Uganda, China, Sri Lanka and Indonesia in partnership with the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

This just might be the healthiest little stocking stuffer ever! Our natural Immune formula is a groundbreaking probiotic blend with immuno-amazing ingredients like EpiCor® bioavailable vitamin C, echinacea, and chelated zinc to help your loved ones feel their best in the new year. Using a patented time-release process, we go the extra mile to make sure these ingredients are delivered directly to your GI tract where you need them most. Here's a 20% OFF coupon just in time for the holiday season. Grab some now for the ones you love by using the code HEALTHYHOLIDAY at checkout.

Playing with dough is an age-old past time for kids, and we love Eco-dough for bringing some peace of mind to parents everywhere. With natural ingredients like essential oils and plant, fruit, and vegetable extracts, Eco-dough sticks to the basics to produce natural dough for engaging sensory play that isn’t loaded with questionable chemicals. They use earth-centered ingredients like blueberries, carrots, organic rosemary oil, and purple sweet potato to provide dough with brilliant hues and hours of safe, playful fun for kids.

Healthy, delicious yet notoriously difficult to open, young coconuts are one of nature's gifts and can help with hydration, digestion, and feeling great overall. Coco Jack is one of our new favorite tools to quickly and safely pop open young coconuts to get to the healthy goodness inside within seconds. With easy-to-grip handles, durable materials, and a simplistic design, you no longer have to put up with the hassles and dangers of getting fresh coconut into your diet on a consistent basis. It's a must-have for coconut-loving friends!

For your tech-loving friends on the go, check out the amazingly compact RIF6 Cube. It's a tiny projector that connects with your computer or phone - transforming even the smallest screens into a 120-inch display for mobile viewing delight. With LED lighting, you can play games and view movies, TV shows, and even your home videos and photos with excellent clarity just about anywhere. The best part? A portion of the proceeds from each Cube purchased is donated to Keep a Child Alive, an organization devoted to battling the AIDS epidemic in Uganda, South Africa, Kenya and India.


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