How Hyperbiotics Empowers Women at Work

As women, we are facing a changing landscape in nearly every aspect of our lives—how we are treated and respected at home, in our doctor’s office, in our government, in our society, and in our workplace. And the sad (but very real) truth is that women and girls all over the world struggle every day without gender equality when it comes to basic human rights, education, healthcare, the economy, and so much more.

Here at Hyperbiotics, we are dedicated to being part of the solution. We’re a woman-run company (yes, we work with some amazing men, too), and we believe that the way forward is to empower women and girls everywhere.

We’re proud to have women in leadership roles, and have women on our team from all walks of life—from pilots and parents to artists, scientists, teachers, and humanitarians.

In honor of Women’s History Month this March, we want to give you a little insight into how Hyperbiotics encourages and empowers women. Below you’ll meet several of our team members who’ve offered their thoughts on how working here empowers them as individuals, professionals, and parents.

How does Hyperbiotics...empower you as a working woman?

“Hyperbiotics recognizes the strengths of the women in our company and allows us to utilize those strengths for the good of the company and for others. Hyperbiotics provides the support and encouragement and allows us to do what we each are best at. I feel so fortunate to work for a company that believes in the capable people they have hired.”
Dana, Practitioner Relations

“First and foremost, Hyperbiotics encourages me to be myself. I’m also encouraged to take chances, learn from mistakes, share ideas, and state my opinions. This makes me feel valued and empowered, and inspires me to always put my best efforts forward.”
Alisha, Team Engagement

“Hyperbiotics encourages each one of us, as working individuals, to use our talents and ideas and to run with them.”
Laura, Customer Support

...enable and empower you to be both a parent and a career woman?

“I am a single mom and it is incredibly important to me to have the flexibility to attend school functions, doctor appointments, and to take care of my son when he's sick. Just knowing that I can rely on my awesome team to help when issues come up is such a blessing. In turn, this makes me even more dedicated to doing my job well and to finding ways to improve. Everyone wins!”
Krystal, Customer Support

“The flexible schedule and working from home means I can be there when my kids need me and when my job needs me—it’s not an either or thing the way it is with so many other companies. Plus the fact that so many of us here are parents means that we’re all understanding and sympathetic to the issues working parents deal with.”
Roberta, Communications

“I feel that I’ve had a remarkable example with Jamie! It’s one thing to ‘talk the talk’ and it’s quite another to ‘walk the walk.’ I have learned so much just watching her remain an incredible leader and hands-on mother. I value her transparency, especially on those days when calls may need to get pushed back, or fussy babies might have to join in on the corporate fun. It helps to redefine what a successful career ‘mom’ looks like—even on days when I may be covered in spit up or up to my ears in teething rings.”
Natalie, Social Media

...provide you a work-life balance?

“The flexibility that HB offers is priceless. Prior to working at Hyperbiotics, I was commuting 25-35 minutes to work and rushing home at the end of a long day. Often dinner was something fast, easy, and not necessarily healthy, and my mornings and evenings were incredibly hectic. I feel like I can finally breathe. Shaving off driving time and getting ready in the morning has allowed me to spend more time making healthy meals and be more available to my kids. I love that I can get work done early in the morning, during the day, in the evening, and on the weekends, as needed. The opportunity Hyperbiotics has given me to blend work life and personal life more fluidly has made my entire family happier and healthier.”
Zarina, Graphic Design

“Since joining Hyperbiotics, I have felt so much better in my life, because I feel like my life is my own again. In my last job, every little time outside of the office was consumed with extra work and I was always exhausted. I feel like Hyperbiotics respects my time outside of work and that makes me feel better about my time-off. Since the nature of this company is remote work, I’ve been able to travel three times since December of 2016 to visit my mother and help to take care of my grandmother. This would have been impossible with any other job I’ve had in the past. This has enriched my life tremendously and has left me refreshed and motivated to work even harder!”
Andrea, Customer Support

“Working remotely enables me to fully commit and feel supported in my breastfeeding journey. Being able to enjoy maternity leave, bonding with baby, and adjusting to breastfeeding without the added stress of pumping or working about building up a freezer stash of milk for my return to work was such a relief! Hyperbiotics also explicitly shows its commitment to supporting and empowering working mothers with fully paid maternity leave. The peace of mind that comes with not having to juggle new mom life and financial hardship is truly priceless.”
Natalie, Social Media

...promote gender equality at work?

“We are a diverse team from different backgrounds, but we all have something unique in us that we can develop and contribute to Hyperbiotics. By focusing on our innate abilities, it shifts the focus from things like gender, race, and age and promotes a sense of equality that I've never experienced anywhere else. It is one of the most amazing parts about working here.”
Krystal, Customer Support

“Men and women are compensated equally for equal work. Women are given the same opportunities and flexibilities as their male team members, and the organization promotes gender equality not only in our working environment, but in their philanthropic efforts as well. We support empowering young girls and women around the globe in our support of global gender equality.”
Alisha, Team Engagement

“We have an exceptionally talented and interconnected team and we constantly tap one other for support, feedback, and ideas via open and unrestricted channels of communication—which makes us truly unique. We're hyper-focused on the latest research and information regarding probiotics and gut health—these are exciting times! The explosive pace at which we run together means there's no time (or reason!) to stop and think about gender.”
Laura, Customer Support

As a company, we want to embody the change that we hope to see in the world, and we’re starting with making sure that everyone on the Hyperbiotics team—men and women alike—feels empowered to express themselves personally and professionally.

To see what we’re doing to support and empower women and girls all over the world, visit


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