Need Vacation Inspiration? Travel the World This Summer with the Hyperbiotics Team!

Here at Hyperbiotics, we are truly a global group, with team members working virtually to passionately promote gut and microbial health in seven different countries and fourteen U.S. cities around the world. And as summer quickly approaches, we know that everyone can use a little travel inspiration to help guide them on their way.

So, whether you’re a seasoned global traveler or are simply looking for the next best spot to embark on an epic road trip, we’ve gathered 10 fascinating travel destinations from some of the amazing, diverse places our dedicated team calls home.

Before your summer fills up with the same old trips, check out our list below. Pick a place, grab a map, pack a suitcase (don’t forget your “zero refrigeration” probiotics), and let’s get exploring!

Alisha, Seattle, WA
A lively urban city surrounded by water, mountains, evergreen forests, and tons of National Parks, I find Seattle to be the perfect place to be an urban nomad and outdoor adventurer. Geographically, it’s quite small (I’m originally from Texas!), so I LOVE that it’s easy to be in Canada or Oregon in just a couple hours. A couple of my favorite local things to do in the city include the Fremont or Ballard Farmer’s Market on Sundays, hitting Pike Place Market during the week for fresh flowers, and strolling through Discovery Park on a sunny day (it has a view for miles). Seattle also makes breathtaking weekend trips super easy. Some of my favorites include the San Juan Islands, hiking Mount Rainier, and taking the train to Vancouver. Fair warning, if you’re planning a visit to Seattle in the summer, you may not leave!

Kelli, Salt Lake City, UT
I live in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah. The beautiful foothills of the Wasatch mountain range are just a few minutes from my front door, which is where I jog several days a week. And I have easy access to the valley's seven beautiful mountain canyons for longer excursions into the wilderness. I'll be foraging mushrooms in the Uinta National Forest this weekend and spending time camping amongst one of its thousands of lake this summer. Just a few hours south, I have access to Utah's desert landscape for red rock adventures like camping, hiking, climbing, and mountain biking. And of course, Utah has 'the greatest snow on earth' for those who enjoy snow sports. If you find yourself in Utah, there are many outdoor adventures to enjoy!

Amit, Chile
I love living in Chile because it is a variety-pack of all the best things in life. Mediterranean climate? Check. Beaches? Check. Hiking up snow-capped volcanoes? Check. Skiing in the Andes? Check. Sand-boarding in the Atacama? Check. Welcoming people and vibrant culture? A big check. Great wine and food? Also check. Doing all of this in the same weekend? Check, check, and check. Having been born on the other side of the planet and lived across several countries, I consider myself very lucky to call this my home and the people here my family. No wonder that Chile was voted the #1 country to visit in 2018 by The Lonely Planet.

Krystal, Great Neck, NY
I currently live in Great Neck, NY, which is a small town on Long Island. It is the town where F. Scott Fitzgerald lived while writing The Great Gatsby and it is referred to as "West Egg" in the novel. One of my favorite things about living here is our beautiful parks, especially at this time of year when everything is blooming. Our town mascot is the giraffe because it's an animal with a great neck. It's also only a 35 minute train ride to New York City, which means there's a never-ending list of things to do and see. A few that I recommend to friends and family who visit me are Cafe Grumpy, Union Square Green Market, and The American Museum of Natural History. It's a great place to live and raise my son!

Gonzalo, Costa Rica
I live in Costa Rica, in the capital of San José. Even though I live in the most populated city of the country, I have endless attractions to see very close to home, and my beautiful country has the perfect destinations to satisfy the needs and likes of children, seniors, couples, families, and solo travelers. Here are just a few great examples:

Poás Volcano National Park: This park is one of the most visited attractions of the country, thanks to its proximity to San José and the international airport. Its main crater is one of the largest in the world, and the expedition consists of a hike to the crater rim.

• Tortuguero National Park: Tortuguero is a set of water canals, and it is locally known as the Amazonas of Costa Rica. A flight from San José to the Tortuguero airstrip will take 30 minutes, or you can take a 3-hour road trip followed by a 2-hour boat ride through the canals of the Tortuguero River. Traveling at least one way by boat will be a fantastic expedition to view a lot of water birds, monkeys, crocodiles, and the lush flora. One of the best experiences in the area is the turtle nesting in Costa Rica—every year from August to October, it is possible to see the nesting of the Green Sea Turtle. This experience is something that you and your family will never forget.

• Chirripó National Park: Located approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes from San José, a flight will take you up there in about 30 minutes. Chirripó is one of Costa Rica’s wilder national parks. Despite the climate and the lush vegetation, the park is accessible by walking (but you do have to be in good shape to hike through this mysterious park!). The park is located in San Isidro del General and is Costa Rica’s highest peak, which is why hikers find it to be a challenging adventure. Besides the challenge of conquering the "Cerro Chirripó," there are a lot of trails traveling through a bunch of diverse ecological zones. Here, you can see more biodiversity than you can probably find in other entire countries. Here, at the highest point of the country, the views are incredibly spectacular, allowing visitors to see both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea at the same time on clear days.

Kristin, St. Augustine, Florida
St. Augustine, the oldest city in the U.S., is a vacation destination full of family fun, history, and activity. From ghost hunters to beachcombers and foodies alike, there is something for everyone. The city center itself is full of cobblestone streets, endless shopping, live music, and great restaurants. One could easily spend the day just walking around exploring the ins and outs of the city, or if you prefer you could tour the city on their well-known trolley system. Some popular sights to see are:
• Castillo de San Marcos, the oldest masonry fort in the U.S. positioned right on the water, making for the perfect picnic venue!
• Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum
• World Golf Hall of Fame
• Anastasia State Park (and beach!)
St. Augustine is known for its wonderful selection of locally owned bed and breakfasts, so skipping big name hotels is a must. With Florida sunshine, there is no bad time to visit, but my favorite time of year to be in the city is between Thanksgiving and New Years, when they host the annual Night of Lights. The entire square is illuminated with over three million Christmas lights and there are nightly concerts, boat parades, and street performers. Another unique experience is the ghost tours…whether on the trolley or a walk-about, it’s a terrifyingly good time for all. Tour groups explore the old jail, Huguenot Cemetery, Spanish Military Hospital, and more. Lastly, if you travel to St. Augustine, you simply cannot leave until you eat at Collage Restaurant. Named one of the top 100 restaurants in the nation, the food and romantic ambience simply can’t be beat. Nestled away and easy to miss, this hidden gem is a meal you won’t soon forget!

Alex, Lincoln, UK
I have lived in Lincoln, UK for 38 years and will be moving to Bristol in a matter of weeks, but Lincoln is and always will be my home. We are not a big city, but we have one of the largest cathedrals in Europe and our 'Steep Hill' was named as the best street in Britain by the Academy of Urbanism. It also hosts one of the largest Christmas markets in Europe held in the cathedral quarter including the grounds of our amazing castle (free to enter), which also holds open air music events (of which I have been known to dress up as a fairy collecting money for a fantastic charity that I have been linked to, ‘Annas Hope’). My kids love visiting the Museum of Lincolnshire Life (free to enter), which has tanks (Lincoln being its birthplace) among other amazing things. Most importantly, the Pessimist is one of the best Gin & Wine bars in the UK, located off a little side street in the centre of the city owned by one of my closest friends (lucky me). Visit Lincoln!

Julie, Austin, TX
If you love music, BBQ, tacos, and creativity, you should absolutely put Austin on your list of places to visit. It's incredibly kid and dog-friendly (dogs are welcome at pretty much every restaurant with outdoor seating), and it's also a thriving mecca of artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs. It's eccentric and vibrant while at the same time feeling intimate, homey, and charming. I love that you can dance your heart out to live music pretty much every single night of the week and that the food options are as numerous as the gorgeous parks and creeks to play in around town. The people are friendly. The food is delicious. The hill country views and trees make the sky appear endless. It's unlike any other city in Texas! We love calling Austin our home.

Whitney, Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky
Come to Kentucky! While the Bluegrass State is likely not the first (or second, or 20th) place that comes to mind when you're planning a getaway, it's actually a beautiful and cost effective option! Start by flying into the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), which is actually located on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River. From there, you can enjoy some of the big city delights Cincinnati has to offer, including The Great American Ballpark and baseball museum, the world-class Cincinnati Zoo (featuring the now famous Fiona the hippo!), or taking a relaxing, old-fashioned paddleboat boat cruise down the Ohio River on the "Belle of Cincinnati," just to name a few! From there, make your way south into Kentucky (Newport on the Levee and its aquarium is a great place to start) and keep going until you reach the lovely rolling hills of Lexington. The Kentucky Horse Park is there, and is an absolute MUST for any equestrian fanatic, as is the breathtaking Keeneland Race Track, which will dazzle you with its natural landscapes and old world charm. And finally, you can choose to either explore the awe-inspiring subterranean passageways of Mammoth Cave State Park, or if you're a bourbon connoisseur and on an adults only trip, you could spend a few days touring the infamous Kentucky Bourbon Trail, where the history is as rich as the whisky itself. Between the wide variety of activities, the lakes and natural landscape (I didn't even get to mention the Natural Bridge State Park!), and the southern hospitality, we really do hope y'all come and see us!

Mckenzie, Buena Vista, CO
I live in a beautiful valley in the middle of Colorado surrounded by more than a dozen 14,000 foot peaks and the headwaters of the Arkansas river. My town is aptly named Buena Vista and boasts some of the best whitewater rafting in the world. When we're not on the river, we're mountain biking on the amazing single-track trails, skiing at any number of resorts nearby, or just relaxing with our tribe in the mountain air. While I can't grow as many vegetables as I would like in my garden, I wouldn't give up this life at 8,000 feet for anything! Come visit!!

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