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Takeaways When the World Reopens

With so much of the planet being called to stay home, our old routines seem to be on hold indefinitely. But while it may not feel like it right now, one thing is for certain—this situation can’t last forever. Eventually the whole wide world will open up and be ours again to enjoy. 

So the real question is, how will we live in that world when we get it back? Are there hidden gems buried in this unexpected experience that are worth taking with us...and what might be better left behind?

Our Favorite Keepers 

Adversity has an amazing way of sparking some of life’s most positive changes, and navigating a historic pandemic is no exception. This challenge has forced humanity to adapt by going deeper, tapping strength and resourcefulness we never even knew we had and taking serious stock of what really matters.

While all of us at Hyperbiotics will literally be dancing in the streets when this crisis finally passes, we’d also like to honor the gifts this situation has brought us that we absolutely want to hang onto when it’s safe to be out in the world again.

• Creative cooking from scratch. Just trying to get groceries is an adventure now, and you never know what will be in stock on any given day. So it’s been back to basics when it comes to meal prep, and bringing a pioneer spirit to the kitchen. With the focus on keeping the pantry filled with wholesome, non-perishable ingredients—and enjoying those precious perishables while they’re still fresh—getting creative with what’s on hand and cooking gut-healthy meals from scratch has become the new daily routine.

That extra time and effort yields surprisingly delicious rewards, along with the discovery of so many yummy, nutritious recipes! So many of us have found we’re actually eating a healthier, gut-loving diet now than ever before—something we don’t want to let slide when food shopping gets more convenient.

• Family mealtimes. Back when work, school, and extracurricular schedules could get intense, it was easy to grab meals on the go and for everyone in the family to kind of do their own food thing. This crisis has forced most of us to slow down and revisit the cozy tradition of family meals. For those of us lucky enough to be sheltering in place with loved ones, sitting down to eat together is a special time to relax and bond over good food and conversation. Definitely a keeper worth making the time to continue when the pace of life picks up again.

• Conserving our resources. Remember the days when it wasn’t unusual to find fuzzy science projects growing in the back of the fridge? Or when we went through paper products like there was no tomorrow? Yikes! It’s shocking how wasteful even some of the most eco-conscious of us used to be without even realizing. 

These times remind us not to waste a single scrap or morsel because it might not be so easy to replace what’s gone. Perhaps today this feels like a day-to-day survival strategy—but a consciousness of conservation is exactly what’s needed to enable Mother Earth to keep providing for us all in the decades long after this pandemic is ancient history.

• Taking nothing for granted. The gift of uncertain times is that all the good moments we experience somehow taste so much sweeter. Whether it’s the first buds dotting the bare branches outside the window, a caring phone call from a loved one, or the music of a child’s laughter—every tiny spark of joy we can grab feels like a miracle.

Sheltering at home also brings a sharp awareness of all the people and experiences we can’t enjoy right now, and that none of us ever imagined would be absent from our lives. Actively missing the powerful group energy at a concert, the simple pleasure of a holiday get-together, or just being able to greet a friend with a warm hug brings an aching appreciation for physical community and being part of this vast human tribe.

It would be such a shame if when the world reopened, we ever allowed ourselves to take all of life’s everyday treasures for granted again. We hope to move forward with reverence and gratitude—mindfully embracing the multitude of gifts in every millisecond.

• Revisiting old resolutions. This sudden huge expanse of available time is an invitation to finally commit to those healthy lifestyle changes we’ve all been meaning to embrace for years. Whether your resolutions involve active movement, strength training, mindfulness practice, or supporting wellness and immune function with probiotics—the healthy habits born of sheltering in place can help maintain a lifetime of vibrant health if you stick with them when things begin to reopen. 

Our Top Tossaways

Tough challenges (especially huge worldwide ones!) also bring to light what’s not working for us so we can finally let go. Here are some ways of living we’re very ready to ditch and not drag into the new tomorrow.

• Sweating the small stuff. There’s nothing like a major shakeup to drive home the fact that the only matters of life and death are...well, life and death themselves. All the things that used to be such awful stressors—a nasty neighbor, a flubbed presentation, a difficult exam, or hurtful criticism—suddenly don’t seem like such a big deal anymore. How did that minor stuff ever produce so much angst anyway?

Imagine a future that leaves sweating the small stuff behind—and almost every bit of it really is the small stuff. Committing to trying to roll with life and not take every little threat or setback to heart will make the new world a much happier and healthier place.

• Collecting “things.” A trip to any local big box store was once a surefire cure for the blues—even though it was admittedly a guilty pleasure. These days though, as life is pared down to the essentials, ads for the latest fashions and tech gadgets ring hollow. The idea of jumping back on the consumerism bandwagon and attaining more and more material things just doesn’t hold a thrill anymore. Our eyes have been opened and there’s no going back...physical stuff just doesn’t compare with meaningful human connections and experiences.

• Disposables. One of the most glaring cast offs we’ve become aware of during this crisis is all the stuff we’re literally tossing away every day. Being home so much makes it impossible not to notice all the unnecessary paper and plastic we use that are piling up in the trash and polluting our overburdened planet. Masks and wipes may be around for some time, but we still have the power to make lots of other sustainable choices right now and in the days to come—like swapping out unnecessary disposables for eco-friendly alternatives like stainless steel straws, washable cloth napkins, and reusable food wraps and containers.

• Overwhelming schedules. Sheltering at home removes the blinders once imposed by over-scheduling, allowing us to finally exhale and honor our natural daily rhythms. Living at breakneck speed had become so much the norm that most folks probably weren’t even aware of how stressed and rushed they were. Once the world reopens, we’re determined to reenter on our own terms and not allow anyone or anything to rush us through our days again.

Sometime down the road, a morning will dawn like all other days, except on that day COVID-19 will finally be history. Knowing what to pack as we plan for that future—as well as what to throw away forever—should make our reunion with the world brighter than anything we’ve known. Wishing you safe passage and wellness now and in the days to come.


Roberta Pescow is a writer at Hyperbiotics and proud mom of two amazing and unique young men. Natural wellness is a subject she’s passionate about, so she loves sharing information that helps others discover all the ways probiotics support glowing health and well-being. To learn more about how a healthy microbiome can enrich your life, subscribe to our newsletter.

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