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PRO-Compete: Probiotic For Athletes

2 reviews
Our PRO-Compete Probiotic For Athletes is uniquely designed to contain 6 Targeted Probiotic Strains plus prebiotic to help support immune, upper respiratory, and digestive health as well as greater stamina and endurance. Each Patented Time Release Tablet has 15X more survivability than Veggie Capsules. 
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Stan B.
United States
PRO-Compete definitely supports my system.

After a serious operation in the early 2010s, I, a (then 67-year-old long distance runner since 1977), recovered--except that, due to what I now realize was an excessive administration of several types of antibiotics over almost a month, my gastrointestinal system was quite ruined. I suffered severe daily constipation that negatively impacted everything I did, including my running. Because the importance of probiotics was still not well-understood, even by cautious, very conservative medical services, no one could help me. In late 2013, I read an editorial in the LA Times, by a doctor who insisted that the overuse of antibiotics was ruinig people's health! Of course! I should've known that--I used to make my own kefir for several years back in the seventies when I was a young, single college student. I began trying various probiotics, which were just beginning to emerge in the popular market. The difference--the wonderful relief--came virtually within just a day or two. I had done some research, and it sounded like hyperbiotics' PRO-Compete made sense for, still being veery active. It is so right for me. The regularity and consistent high quality of my product seems phenominal. I doubt that there could be any better.

Stan B.
United States United States
I can tell the difference.

I had a serious intestinal problem due to an over-use of antibiotics caused by my HMO in 2010 after a serious new virus quickly led to double pneumonia. After complaining for two years and ending up with a hospital stay in 2013 to unblock the problem, I gave up on the HMO. Softeners and prunes were band aides, but didn't solve the problem. In 2013, I read an editorial suggesting probiotics as a necessary recovery item from over-medication with antibiotics. Bam! Of course! In the 2970s for several years, I'd made my own kefir, and my memory came back about the effectiveness of it. Probiotics were just coming into popular knowledge and use, so I tried several. When I heard, somehow, about Hyperbiotics, it made a lot of sense to me, an old guy who'd been doing long-distance running and intermittent racing since 1977. I bought my first Pro-Compete I think in around 2016 or 2017, and it has never stopped working excellently for me! It is rare as heck to get either the runs (usually after visiting Cd. Juárez and having too much tequila with too many street sandwiches), or the extremely rare constipation (once or twice a year, usually when we are travelling), which used to be my terrible daily companion. The positive change Pro-Compete has made is proof positive that it works great for me.