Children and Probiotics

Children and probiotics

What We’ve Learned About Kids and the Human Microbiome

It seems like we’re hearing a lot about bacteria these days. And for good reason.

The human microbiome (the inner universe of microorganisms, like bacteria, in and on the body) is being studied and understood more than ever before. From extracting nutrients from our food to influencing the health of our immune systems, the microbiome (and its trillions of microbes) is truly a unique cosmos of the microscopic.

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"We tried multiple different probiotics and had a hard time getting our daughter to take them. These were amazing! They are truly small (smaller than the size of a pea) and my daughter can actually swallow them instead of having to chew them. We saw a drastic change with her after she started taking them."

- Kelly, PRO-Kids

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Supporting Tiny Teeth: Your Guide to Toddler Oral Health

From adorable gummy baby grins to a toddler mouth full of little pearly whites, kids undoubtedly have the cutest smiles in the world. But did you know that taking care of your child’s oral health is one of the most important things you can do for their whole body wellness?

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The Battle for Your Gut!

Download this free coloring book and let your kids color their way to good health with our hero, PRO-Kids!

The ENT Adventure!

Download our latest coloring book and have your kids color along with PRO-Kids ENT on his adventure into the ears, nose, and throat!

Healthy (and Probiotic Friendly!) Summer Snacks for Kids

Swimming pools, lazy mornings, and days filled running around in the sun—summer is a special, carefree time for parents and kids alike. With plenty of outdoor play time (hooray for the break from germ-filled classrooms!), summer is the perfect season to continue to build and strengthen your child’s immune system.

In addition to providing your kids with a diet high in nutrient-rich whole foods, making sure their gut microbes are in tip top shape will go a long way towards keeping them healthy throughout the entire year.

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3 Simple Ways to Get Your Kids to Take Probiotics

Probiotics and their benefits are becoming popular topics of conversation, especially as we learn more about how the human microbiome affects young children.

Encouraging kids to take probiotics (and to eat prebiotic foods) can make a critical difference when it comes to keeping their immune systems strong and establishing a foundation of health for years to come.

Probiotics help build and restore the beneficial gut bacteria that may have been depleted (or never established) by factors like stress, poor diet, the overuse of antibiotics, over-sanitizing or other elements such as environmental toxins or even mode of delivery.

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Summertime Swimming: Oral Probiotics for Healthy Ears

Nothing says summer like taking a dip in the pool, floating down the river, or catching waves at the beach. And if you have kids, you’re probably acutely aware of the not-so-fun risk that these aquatic adventures can pose to your entire family of swimmers: clogged, achy ears.

You see, excess moisture in the ear—from swimming, bathing, rain, or even being outside in the elements—can lead to trapped water in the ear.

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