"From embarrassing bad breath every morning, to regular dry-mouth, the health of my teeth and gums never seemed to improve..." 

I was desperate to understand how and WHY my oral health was suffering…especially because:

• I was brushing my teeth twice a day and after meals

• I was using mouthwash every morning

• I didn't smoke or drink excessive amounts of coffee

• I was avoiding sugar and sweets

• I was getting regular dental checkups and cleanings

If I was doing it all right, then what was going on?

One day, my dentist let me in on the secret to oral health that I’d been missing all along: 

The Oral Microbiome.

There are nearly 800 unique microorganisms that make their home in your mouth, ears, nose, throat, and even up into your nasal passages - and the balance of these microbes is responsible for literally everything that might be going wrong (and right) for our oral health.

Have you ever wondered how animals can have such excellent oral health without the strict regimen that we use to keep our teeth and gums in good shape? 

It’s because they have healthy, diverse communities of beneficial bacteria living within their mouths that they get from their natural environment and from the foods that they eat. It’s these good bacteria that naturally keep oral and immune health in tip-top shape.

Unfortunately for us humans, we don’t have the best track record when it comes to keeping healthy bacteria around - which can lead to pesky oral health issues if we’re not careful. 

So, what causes our oral flora to become unbalanced? 

1. Dietary Choices 

2. Antibiotics 

3. Smoking and Stimulants

What’s worse, many of the oral hygiene products on the market can actually contribute to the problem! Killing the bad bacteria by using antibacterials and antimicrobials that can often wipe out the good bacteria too. 

That’s why the more I tried to fix my oral health problems, the worse they were getting!

Here are some of the things that can happen when there aren’t enough healthy bacteria in your mouth and oral cavity:

• Undesirable biofilm residing on your teeth and gums

• An overly acidic oral environment known for wreaking havoc on tooth enamel 

• Recurring dental and periodontal problems that are difficult to treat naturally

• A buildup of undesirable bacteria that produce gnarly compounds and give you dreaded dragon breath 

• Upper respiratory distress or reactions to environmental factors or seasonal changes 

• Sinus pressure and the accumulation of occasional gunk in the nasal passages

• Over-brushing, flossing or rinsing to keep your teeth and mouth clean - which can sometimes make problems worse

• A cascading effect on the health of your heart and immune system stemming from the oral cavity

That’s why we created PRO-Dental, a natural, oral probiotic supplement to help support the delicate balance of bacteria that we all depend on to keep us feeling our best. 

Introducing PRO-Dental, a natural probiotic supplement uniquely formulated to address oral health issues at their root.

If you’re like me and have tried everything under the sun when it comes to achieving fresher breath and a healthier smile, PRO-Dental is the perfect supplement for you. It packs a healthy punch with an incredible blend of newly discovered oral probiotics that have game beyond the gut. 

Maybe you’ve heard of probiotics for digestive health, but PRO-Dental is a completely new approach to oral wellness with targeted strains that specifically work to support pristine oral health at the microbial level. 

This revolutionary chewable supplement can populate your ear, nose, and throat area with beneficial flora to help you maintain a strong defense against the endless threats that our mouths and upper respiratory systems encounter day to day.

Revolutionize Your Oral Health with the Power of Probiotics

PRO-Dental is formulated with the most clinically proven probiotic strains for oral health: L. reuteri, L. paracasei, S. salivarius M18 and S. salivarius K12

When you dissolve or chew a tablet, these strains of beneficial bacteria colonize (aka “make their home") in your mouth, nose, throat, ears and sinuses. 

This good bacteria then promotes oral health by crowding out the bad guys. The scientific name for this is “competitive exclusion” and it will help improve your dental check-ups, keep your breath smelling fresh, and even help you feel your best year-round by reinforcing your immune system’s first line of defense.

"With the powerhouse probiotic strains S. salivarius M18 and S. salivarius K12, along with L. paracasei, L. reuteri and chelated zinc, taking PRO-Dental is simply the best thing you can do on a daily basis for your oral health."

The Key Players: S. salivarius M18 and S. salivarius K12

Specifically chosen for their remarkable and overwhelming benefits for oral health, the combination of these probiotic strains might very well be the secret weapon you’ve been looking for in your quest for better oral and overall health.

Here’s a look at just how these bacteria perform their miraculous work:

Wistia video thumbnail

Break the Cycle of Bad Breath with BLIS K12!

Unlike other products that go the extra mile to mask and cover up stinky breath, PRO-Dental attacks the root of odor-producing microbes with S. salivarius K12.  

More than 30 years of scientific research has shown us that S. salivarius K12 addresses bad breath before it starts by creating natural BLIS proteins (Bacteriocin-like Inhibitory Substances). 

This means that this beneficial bacterial strain produces proteins that directly inhibit the harmful substances and compounds that can contribute to bad breath and poor oral and upper respiratory health. 

Less Dental Visits, 

More YOU Time with BLIS M18

The other super-strain, S. salivarius M18, is a powerful probiotic shown to improve dental scores by reducing the build-up of sticky biofilm on teeth and around the gums. It’s a common bacteria found in healthy mouths that supports optimal oral and periodontal health. 

But here’s the truth: most people are seriously lacking in this incredibly healthy strain - and when we lack the good bacteria, the bad guys are more apt to gain a foothold. 

For example, did you know that lactic acid can eat away at tooth enamel which can lead to issues down the road? BLIS M18 produces enzymes that can neutralize this acid and help promote optimal oral health. 

Like its counterpart, S. salivarius M18 creates BLIS proteins that can steer you in the direction of greater oral and overall health - and fast. A healthy regimen that includes daily brushing with a natural toothpaste, flossing, and supplementing with an oral probiotic can put you on the road to improved dental and periodontal health. You may even start to enjoy your dentist visits! 

The Way to Clear Eyes, Sinuses and Airways

As the seasons change and we’re exposed to a diverse array of upper respiratory triggers in the air, our systems can become run down and vulnerable. One of the most proactive steps you can take is to continually flood your oral cavity with targeted oral probiotics, specifically S. salivarius K12.

Not only does this beneficial strain crowd out every day bad guys, but BLIS K12 also secretes two antimicrobial proteins called Salivaricin A and Salivaricin B which pack a major antibacterial punch when it comes some of the more highly unwanted microorganisms that can colonize and lead to issues like ear aches, sinus pressure and other upper respiratory challenges. 

These proteins actively help protect your oral cavity, ears, nose, and throat, promoting optimal health so you can breathe easy and look forward to clearer days ahead. 

What’s more, recent science has even linked the health of your gums with the health of your heart and immune function in other areas of your body. In fact research shows that K12 can activate your immune system within just 24 hours!

Great for Kids too!

For the little guys in your life, did you know you can also improve childhood dental and gum health? 

It’s never too early to start taking proactive steps towards supporting a healthy grin - even baby teeth need proper love and care. 

Oral probiotics can establish a healthy oral regimen for your child, helping to protect their sensitive tooth enamel and guard them from certain bacteria - like those in sugars from milk and other foods. Even the natural sugarin breast milk can cause a sticky build up on those little teeth, so it’s critical to care for them early.

Talking about oral health with your family and practicing positive oral hygiene at a young age can help kids and adults alike harness an effective oral care regimen that can keep your family healthy throughout the year. 

A balanced diet that both includes things like healthy fats and variety of fruits and veggies and excludes foods with phytic acid and refined sugars can also help your family achieve greater oral health. 

What People Are Saying. . .

“I am happy to report that my overall oral hygiene is better than it was. I brush regularly, use a good mouthwash and floss but the morning breath was kicking like Jackie Chan. This product seems to have gotten that issue under control.”

“I did not know there was such a thing as probiotics for the inside of your mouth and tonsils. I have been taking these for about 3 weeks and I am really pleased. My mouth feels fresher. I am able to talk to people close up, face to face without covering my mouth and mumbling because my breath is no longer horrendous. I would recommend this product to anyone with bad breath and minor mouth, nose and ear problems and anyone who wants to maintain their good dental health.”

“My hygienist informs me that I'm outliving my gums which seem to be receding down to my chin and up towards my cheeks. Dental probiotics and an upscale sonic brush are, therefore, my teeth's newest best buddies!”

At Hyperbiotics, we’re devoted to creating the most effective and highest quality probiotic formulas. For PRO-Dental, we have selected what we feel to be the most proven strains for oral health and have tableted them with a patented process to optimally deliver potent probiotic bacteria that sticks to your teeth, gums, tonsils and your throat.