Pregnancy is a time when we’re more conscious (and curious) than ever about the miracle growing within us. From obsessing over week-by-week progress to devouring the details from parenting books and magazines, we’re in full-time anticipation of who this little person will become, whose smile they will have, their first words, late night cuddles and the beauty of breastfeeding. Life until now seems to pale in comparison. Pregnancy is a journey of great magnitude - one where we tend to go the extra mile to understand exactly what’s going on in there so we can take the necessary steps to protect and support the new life within our womb.

But did you know there’s another part of you that’s teeming with ever-changing bacterial life and requires your attention during pregnancy? It’s your gut environment, and it’s home to trillions of microbes going about their daily business of supporting your immune system and keeping you (and your child) well. 

In fact, gut health has an overwhelming impact on lifelong wellness, and tending to it while you are expecting is one of the most important things you can do, both to ensure your energy and well-being and to pave the path of health for your child. 

Probiotics replenish the good bacteria in your gut and can support expectant and nursing moms by:

• Promoting optimal immune response of mother and child

• Supporting healthy glucose levels

• Reducing the dreaded pregnancy-related constipation

• Producing folate (the non-synthetic version of folic acid)

• Encouraging shedding of the baby weight

• Promoting proper nutrient absorption

• Supporting more balanced mental and emotional function

• Increasing the odds of successful breastfeeding

That’s why midwives and practitioners around the country are recommending probiotics as one of the top supplements to take to encourage healthy, happy pregnancies and the best beginnings for little ones.

The Infant Microbiome Development: Mom Matters

Babies are nearly sterile in utero, and as much as 90% of the beneficial bacteria that will support a child’s immune system and health throughout his life stems from what we, as mothers, pass on during both the birth process, skin-to-skin contact and through breast milk.

You see, the bacteria they pick up from you during this critical time colonizes within their tiny GI tracts and then plays a critical role in their immune system development, essentially becoming the foundation of health throughout their lives.

Unfortunately, the good gut flora we’re meant to have is constantly depleted by things like age, stress, antibiotics as medicine and in our food supply, environmental toxins, artificial ingredients, processed foods, and excessive hygiene. 

PRO-Moms is the first probiotic designed for expecting and nursing women.

Formulated with the best strains to replenish the good bacteria you were meant to pass on - PRO-Moms encourages optimal colonization of the vaginal canal and the healthiest beginnings for your child. 

As research on the microbiome and how it relates to our overall health continues to grow, one thing is clear - going above and beyond to protect and nurture your little one’s gut is one of the most important things you can do to increase their chances of wellness from day one and as they begin to grow and discover the world around them.

Try PRO-Moms!

Increase your child’s chances for a healthy start at life.

By populating your digestive tract with health-enhancing bacteria, you can do your part to properly inoculate your child with the bacteria they need during birth and through breast milk. 

Remember, so many things can affect this critical transfer of microbes - from the mode of delivery (C-section or natural birth) to environmental toxins, and even the widespread and often necessary use of antibiotics during labor and delivery. 

And, the best gift a mother can give her child is a healthy microbiome.

Give your breastmilk a boost with the power of probiotics. 

Breastfeeding is nature’s way of keeping your newborn healthy and happy. Not only can the probiotics in PRO-Moms help you achieve your breastfeeding goals by improving immunity and keeping you well, but these beneficial organisms actually pass through to you breast milk and help ensure that it is full of good bacteria to protect and support your child as they grow. 

There is simply nothing better than knowing you are doing everything in your power to give your child the best nourishment available. 

Encourage healthy development with natural folate.

When it comes to the health of your baby’s brain and spinal cord, look no further than mighty folate - the natural (non-synthetic) version of folic acid. Studies show that probiotic strains like B. infantis and L. plantarum produce essential B vitamins once they colonize within your system, including natural folate! 

Give your body the tools for optimal nutrition. 

Your digestive flora plays a critical role in helping you absorb the nutrients in your food and prenatal vitamins, sustaining your energy levels and supporting optimal brain and mental function (hello, hormones!) so you can feel your best both before and after your baby arrives into the world.

For us, the science is clear: the more nutrition moms receive, the more goodness their babes get as well. 

Once established, the probiotics in PRO-Moms encourage proper nutrient absorption, helping you maximize the nourishment from your diet and other supplements for both yourself and baby.

Feel good & stay well. 

Pregnancy has a way of putting both our digestive and immune systems into overdrive. A healthy balance of bacteria can support digestive health and combat pregnancy-related constipation and many of the tummy troubles that occur throughout this phase of life.

Furthermore, 80% of our immune system cells are located within our digestive tract.

Probiotics help make short-chain fatty acids, which contribute to overall health, improved immune function, and greater odds of staying well. 

Studies have even shown that probiotics promote healthy glucose levels, offer postpartum support of more balanced mental and emotional function, and encourage the shedding of the baby weight more quickly. 

Enjoy the journey!

Pregnancy and parenthood are the ultimate exercise in surrender, letting go and enjoying whatever wondrous happening is around the corner. Savoring the days as your belly (and feet) swell, those little flutters turn to full-on karate kicks and your dreams of this little person in your arms and by your side become a magical reality is perhaps the most precious time in all of life. 

A happy and healthy child and a vibrant, loving mama is really all that matters...

That’s why at Hyperbiotics, we designed PRO-Moms. So you can be proactive, reduce your risks, and focus on enjoying your pregnancy and your new baby.

A perfect complement to your prenatal vitamin, PRO-Moms can help reestablish your digestive health and ensure that your body is getting everything it needs to support a radiant pregnancy and healthy future for your child.

This natural probiotic supplement is a unique blend of 8 targeted probiotic strains known for their amazing health benefits to mother and baby. 

PRO-Moms also contains kiwifruit powder which is loaded with vitamins, nutrients, and dietary fiber. It’s like a superfruit superhero designed to kickstart regularity, nourish your new good bacteria, and naturally support a healthy pregnancy at the microbial level.

With patented time-release delivery and shelf-stable technology, PRO-Moms gets 15x more of the good bacteria past stomach acids and into your gut where they can get to work keeping you and your baby well.

What Moms Are Saying. . .

“This is definitely helping with the early pregnancy bloat. I think it is also slightly raising my energy level. In addition, I feel more regular than my last pregnancy. Probiotics are a crucial part of maintaining your health, especially during pregnancy. This is a great brand.”

 - Lauren, Pullman, WA

“My OBGYN recommended this probiotic and I am so happy she did. I have had a very healthy and very easy pregnancy and I feel confident that I will be able to pass along the right bacteria to my baby. The more I understand about the importance of gut health for moms and children, the more I am convinced that all pregnant and nursing women should know about this product."

- Julie, Buffalo, NY

“I am so glad that I found this right away when I got pregnant. It keeps me regular and I haven't had any bowel issues for the majority of my pregnancy. I plan on continuing to take them for a good while after pregnancy too.” 

- Maggie, St. Augustine, FL

“I had already been taking a probiotic this pregnancy because I found it really helps avoid bloating and digestive upset. I'm glad I found PRO-Moms. I can take my probiotic once in the morning, and it slowly absorbs throughout the day. Much easier than trying to remember to take my probiotics three times per day, especially with the many other supplements a healthy pregnant mom has to take every single day! Very helpful! Thank you!” 

- Rebecca, Tulsa, OK

At Hyperbiotics, we’re devoted to creating the most effective and highest quality probiotic formulas to help others feel their best. PRO-Moms was formulated by parents, for parents. We selected what we feel to be the most proven strains for perinatal and postnatal health because we believe everyone, especially mothers, deserves to feel their absolute best.

It’s a natural probiotic supplement consciously and lovingly created to include only what you need, nothing that you don’t. Only the best for mother and child.