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Most of the cheapest "probiotics" are dead by the time they hit the shelves. Those that aren't often die on their way past stomach acids. We use not one but 2 patents to ensure the longest shelf survival and survival past stomach acid. We also have the right variety of strains (human resident strains as opposed to SBOs or active yeasts).

We are a reputable company. We are sold at major retailers such as Target and iHerb and have stellar customer reviews. Do not take our word for it, look around the internet and find out what we stand for. We also offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Probiotics are much like vitamins, some people notice a difference almost immediately while others may need a few weeks or more. It’s also possible to simply notice a subtle shift in a healthier direction. From the day you start taking PRO-15, it gets work colonizing and restoring balance in your digestive tract.

We believe that taking a probiotic on a daily basis is one of the most proactive things that you can do to support your immune and digestive health. Because aspects of modern life can continuously deplete the beneficial bacteria in the gut, we suggest taking probiotics daily over the course of several months or more.

With patented LiveBac®, we are able to guarantee our formulas with zero refrigeration - so you can be confident that your probiotics are both potent and effective when you take them.