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Restore your system with the probiotic containing 15 proven strains packed into a tiny, once-daily pearl. And, because your health regimen should be hassle-free, PRO-15 doesn't require refrigeration.


Using two patents, we were able to overcome the greatest challenges facing effective probiotic supplementation by ensuring the beneficial flora are indeed alive when swallowed and ensuring they’ll survive the harsh, acidic environment of the stomach in order to colonize within the small and large intestines.

Probiotics are much like vitamins, some people notice a difference almost immediately while others may need a few weeks or more. It’s also possible to simply notice a subtle shift in a healthier direction. From the day you start taking PRO-15, it gets work colonizing and restoring balance in your digestive tract.

With patented LiveBac®, we are able to guarantee our formulas with zero refrigeration - so you can be confident that your probiotics are both potent and effective when you take them.

We are a reputable company. We are sold at major retailers such as Target and iHerb and have stellar customer reviews. Do not take our word for it, look around the internet and find out what we stand for. We also offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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