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The room fell silent as I tried to focus in on what my doctor was telling me...

But the only word I remember hearing was "parasite."

After 6 long months of trying to get a proper diagnosis, I learned that Entamoeba Histolytica was the name of the tiny creature that had taken up residence in my digestive system. 

I had heard of gut bugs before, but this? It was just beyond my nightmares.

After the shock wore off and I recovered from the invasion, I was left with a microbiome that was totally out of balance.  

O I felt exhausted and irritable all. the. time. 

O My energy levels were down - like WAY down. 

O My stomach was sensitive to everything.

O My immune system was struggling to keep up. 

O I couldn’t get a handle on my digestive health. 

It wasn’t good. I needed answers. My life changed forever when I learned:

• humans are 90% microbial

• the microbes in our gut determine our overall health and even how we think and feel

• aspects of modern life can leave us severely deficient in one of the most important aspects of immunity: probiotics 

Healing from that horror-story of an experience really helped me understand how I had depleted my beneficial microbes in the first place. 

I discovered that everything from age, stress levels, how I was born, the food I was eating, the antibiotics I’d been exposed to, and even my daily hygiene habits were playing a silent role in the number of good bacteria (aka probiotics) I had in my system. 

Thanks to years of cumulative lifestyle choices, the friendly bacteria that were meant to keep me healthy had taken a beating. 

I was SURE that a probiotic supplement would help put back all that good bacteria I’d been missing so that I could support my digestive health and immune system after what I’d been through.

There was only one problem: Nothing I tried seemed to make one bit of difference.

I did a little research to learn more about the digestive system and the microbes meant to live there, and that’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks

• Most probiotics aren’t designed to survive heat - meaning the bacteria are likely DOA (dead on arrival) 

• Most probiotics die when they reach the stomach acids - offering you no benefit

• Most probiotics don’t have enough strains (or the right strains) to really repopulate the gut with the different kinds of good bacteria needed to find balance and promote overall health

Yes. Those are the coveted secrets that many probiotic companies are hoping that you don’t find out. No wonder I wasn't feeling any better!

But the truth is that when you take a probiotic that’s actually made according to your biological needs, it is the most powerful step you can take to achieving:

• natural, overall wellness

• a more balanced mental and emotional state

• a healthier metabolism (and waistline)

• improved digestion and regularity

• balanced immunity

 And so much more!

You see, most of us are exposed to the same probiotic-depleting factors of modern life and as a result, we’re experiencing an epidemic of subpar health. 

From our energy levels to our digestive and immune function, collectively we’re just not experiencing the natural state of health I believe we’re inherently meant to have. 

The more I uncovered, the more I was convinced that it all starts with these amazing microbes. If we could just find a way to harness their power and effectively repopulate our systems, we could essentially press the reset button.

That’s when I got to work. I sought out the leading scientists and together we formulated a solution. 

Introducing Hyperbiotics PRO-15, 

a natural probiotic supplement uniquely formulated to support the foundation of your health so you can live better, brighter days. 

Maybe you’re like me and have a long history of microbial mayhem, or perhaps you’re simply looking for the best way to support your natural defenses and lifelong health...either way, Hyperbiotics PRO-15 is the perfect formula for you. 

PRO-15 is formulated with 15 of the best probiotic strains that are resident to the human gut (as opposed to transient SBOs or active yeast strains that have become popular recently) to expose you to a diverse set of flora that are meant to be in your digestive tract and to properly counter the indiscriminate effects of most antibiotics.

Using two patents, we’ve overcome the two greatest challenges with probiotic supplementation by ensuring: 

O the beneficial flora are indeed alive when you get them

O they’ll survive the harshness of your stomach acids so they can colonize within your small and large intestines (where they can really get to work)

We designed this miraculous micro-pearl specifically based on what wasn’t working so that you and others like you could finally receive the full benefits that probiotics have to offer.

Why Hyperbiotics PRO-15?

Here are 10 quick ways probiotics can change your life (like they changed mine):

1. Feel better. With 80% of your immune system living in your digestive tract, the more probiotics that are in your system, the better chances you have of staying well. 

2. Experience more regularity. Restoring balance in your digestive tract can help keep things moving so you can experience “business as usual.”

3. Increase your energy. Banish fatigue by ensuring your body is properly digesting your food with the help of a variety of healthy, friendly gut bugs. 

4. Kickstart your metabolism. An imbalance in the microbiome can cause your whole system to lag. Probiotics can help improve your metabolism and keep you feeling great. 

5. Have healthier looking skin. Your skin is like a window to your inner health. When probiotics are abundant, your complexion shows all the benefits. 

6. Regulate your weight. By improving your metabolism, your waistline will follow. Probiotics have been shown to accelerate fat loss. 

7. Get more nutrition from your food and vitamins. Probiotics help extract proper nutrition from your food so that your body is getting exactly what it needs for lasting health. 

8. Experience mental clarity like never before. If you’ve ever had butterflies in your stomach, you know all too well that the gut-brain connection is real. The strains in PRO-15 can help make sure your microbes are properly communicating with your brain so you can clear brain fog fast. 

9. Improve bone and joint health. PRO-15 helps to reduce temporary inflammation that creates issues by targeting the source: the foundation of immunity found in the gut environment. 

10. Maintain healthy glucose levels. Keep your body functioning at its best by repopulating with the good bacteria in PRO-15 that can keep blood sugar levels in check. 

At Hyperbiotics, we are on a mission to help you feel your best. We believe that the secret to health begins in the gut and are committed to offering you the most effective probiotic formulas available.

Here's what other people are saying about Hyperbiotics PRO-15:

"Sick of feeling bloated or gassy? This product is the best probiotic I've ever tried. After about two weeks I noticed I wasn't so bloated, going to the bathroom is much "easier" and often with barely any embarrassing gas. I started with three per day to get my gut back to health and now I take one per day. Will definitely continue to buy this product to maintain my digestive system. I may also try the higher dose for a month." - Sonya J.

"This is the best probiotic I've used. It has a wider variety of beneficial bacteria than others. Before using Pro-15, I used a "pearl" variety and one other popular brand. I notice the most difference with Pro-15. During the first two weeks taking it, I actually felt worse, but afterward I felt much better. I did some research and learned that as the probiotic is doing its work at first, it can be uncomfortable, but it's actually a sign that it's working. I feel much better with Pro-15, so much so that my husband started taking it, too, and also feels better." - P. Doyle

"It absolutely blows my mind how one tiny pill a day has changed my life. I have tried other probiotics from other companies with little to no change. This one here has solved my day to day digestive issues. Amazing product." - Phyllis H.