PRO-15 Advanced Strength Testimonials

PRO-15 Advanced Testimonial
"Hyperbiotics are the best probiotics available, IMO. I have tried loads of probiotics over a five-year span and none have delivered like these. They are officially a staple in my life." - Sandee
"Great product that works at a great price. Also their customer service reps are second to none. It's a refreshing thing when you talk to a rep and they genuinely listen and care for their customers needs" - Ramon S.
"I have used probiotics for years, but have never felt this good. This brand is great! I have much more energy and I'm clear headed. The fog has lifted. I will continue to buy on automatic delivery! Thank you" - Jkon



"I started taking these on 08/28/16. Prior to this I had been to the doctor and they did an abdominal/pelvis CT scan that came up clear. However, they wanted me to see a gastroenterologist. I am not one to take pills, I eat a healthy, paleo-friendly diet, limit gluten and actively exercise. A friend of mine recommended this product so I thought I'd order it and try it. I take one Hyperbiotics PRO-15 Advanced probiotic daily and have to say that it has truly helped with my digestion and uncomfortable, painful bloating. I feel better than I have in a long time. I would definitely order again and continue using in my daily routine. Thank you! This is a blessing in disguise." - Renee D.

"I have been using this product for the past year, and I must say, it is the most effective probiotic I have ever taken! Because of my diet, I have not had the healthiest digestive system and was terrorized with constant constipation. After some research, I decided to try taking probiotics. My sister has been taking these probiotics for months. She heard of my troubles and allowed me to try a week's worth. I am glad she did so! After a week, I was having regular bowel movements and no constipation. I was clear of any "backup" and felt all around great! I decided to purchase some myself to use on a daily basis and my health improved drastically over the year. I also decided to change my diet, and with the PRO-15 probiotics, I felt as healthy as I can be! The product is pricey for only 30 capsules (a month's supply, depending on intensive repair, or for continued use), but the relief is worth the dollar a day. I definitely recommend the PRO-15 Advanced Strength Probiotics!" - Thomas

"I'm hugely impressed by this product and it seems to have made my problems disappear. I was having on-and-off issues with loose stools for almost a year. These issues have now completely resolved themselves. I even tried changing my diet and some other medicines before which didn't help. I've been wanting to gain weight & build muscle for a while, which has been difficult due to my issues, but now my body seems to function a lot better and I'm able to gain weight normally again. For me the difference was really night and day." -Daniel

"I'm now my 3rd bottle! I'm energetic again! I'm regular again! My body is digesting food better! My stomach doesn't hurt when I drink milk! I've tried everything to get the results from this one product! Excellent and I recommend this to anyone!" - Lisa
"I tell friends and family how wonderful your products are and how much they've helped me. My sensitive gut is less so after faithful use of your products. i can't wait to use the Glucose Support and am happy to report on my experiences." - Lina

"Great product. I no longer need to use the restroom or right after dinner. I can eat medium rare steaks with no problem. It helps me with my heartburn issue as well. I have been using it for a month and has notice a major difference in my digestive system." - Dean



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"Hands-down, absolutely the best, most effective probiotic line I have found! The manufacturing process makes refrigeration unnecessary and you can take it without food and it still survives stomach acid. Read the advertising on this product because it's quite educational and, in my experience, it's accurate!" - Amazon Customer

"I started on PRO-15 over a year ago and since then, my entire family and some of my friends have been converted. I take both the regular and advanced strength of PRO-15. My kids have now joined in extolling the efficacy of probiotics to friends and family alike. I used the immune booster this past winter and did not get a single cold or the flu. (Our county has already confirmed a case of the Zika virus so we are all trying to stay as healthy as possible.)" - Nora L.

"I am still new to the product so I am still learning what all this product is doing for me. So far it has helped me become more regular. I have positive hopes that I will see more benefits in the near future. I do know I already love the company though! I have had several communications with them the last few days because I had a couple of questions and they answered each email within minutes and gave me tons of advice! They seem to really care about their customers." - Amazon Customer