PRO-Kids ENT Testimonials

"Finally what I have been waiting for! I use Hyperbiotics probiotics myself and they are AMAZING! I give my kids the broad spectrum probiotic Hyperbiotics do already and they keep us covered on so many levels! However, my youngest has long standing ENT issues so I have been wanting a product that helped offer further support in this area specifically. Our doctor told us that if children experience inner ear issues by age 3 that can not be combatted, by age 7, many of them become recurrent so addressing these long standing issues can be tough. PRO-kids ENT delivers targeted strains for ENT health which means that it offers a natural and proactive way to break the re-occurring problem we have been struggling with. I am amazed that only a week into taking this we are already reaping the benefits. They also taste great (he actually asks me for his 'sweetie' every morning)! Hyperbiotics you are AWESOME - what would we do without you?" - Miss A.

"So happy with the PRO-Kids ENT! My daughter loves it and asks me to take it every night. So happy to incorporate this into our daily regimen." - Amazon Customer

"We're a family of six with three of our four children five and under. In particular, we're plagued with Ear, Nose and Throat issues with one of our kids needing to be tubed. I'm especially paranoid about persistent ear issues since it can cause major reading issues later on (and did with our oldest daughter.)
“Enter Hyperbiotics. We've been loyal customers of several of the products for over a year now and I'm glad we added this to our arsenal.
“We've been so impressed, my husband and I are also now taking them. Highly recommend for any family!" - Jodi

"My kids both suffer from respiratory issues. I was so excited to see a probiotic made that targets this specifically. They love taking their Hyperbiotics Pro-Kids ENT chewable and they get excited about brushing their teeth (suggested) before taking it. I love that it's supporting their immune system in a healthy way. I'm hopeful this new probiotic will be just what she needs to stay healthy." - Bethany
"We love these probiotics!! My 3 year old son has been taking them for about three weeks. Not only does he love the taste but after reading him the directions to take after brushing, he now is much more excited to brush his teeth so he can have his "strawberry treat". We've had no runny noses, coughs or seasonal crud since he started these. Healthy kids means a happy mama!" - KH


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