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Best Prebiotics*

best prebiotics

Are you looking for the best prebiotic? Do you need something that can deliver on price and benefits?

If you take probiotic supplements, you’ve probably heard the term prebiotic, too. 

However, it isn’t always easy to know where to start, and spending hours looking at all the medical jargon, complicated diagrams, and clinical terminology on the supplement labels might make you wish you had a degree in biology!

We’re here to show you exactly what to look for when shopping for a prebiotic and which should be chosen based on your gut microbiome and budget needs. 

We will also discuss why a prebiotic can be important when taking probiotic supplements

Best Prebiotics: A Buyer’s Guide

What To Look For When Buying Prebiotic Supplements

Before we review the best prebiotic for your needs, let’s discuss the factors to consider when purchasing a prebiotic supplement.   

If you’re new to prebiotics, it’s essential to know the best ingredients to look for to make an informed decision. Buyers’ remorse, be gone!


First of all, let’s consider your budget for a prebiotic supplement. 

You never want to splurge for an overpriced product that doesn’t deliver, and you shouldn’t settle for something cheap that doesn’t work.

This is especially true regarding prebiotics because they feed the good bacteria in your digestive system, AKA probiotics. In other words, you need an excellent prebiotic for the probiotics to do their job!*

It’s also important to find a transparent manufacturer of their products. Be sure to invest in a company that offers a proper delivery method, which means that the supplement is delivered to the target area of the body. In this case, you want a delivery method that carries probiotics and prebiotics through the digestive tract and into the intestine, where beneficial probiotics and prebiotics can work their magic.* 

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the most expensive products are the best. Prebiotics feed the bacteria already in your gut, so there’s an upper limit on how much value manufacturers can add to their supplements

Most of the time, a well-reviewed, moderately priced prebiotic supplement will be more than enough to meet your needs.

Side Effects

You can’t assume that there are no side effects to a product as natural as prebiotics. Since prebiotics ferment in the colon, the most typical side effect is occasional gas and bloating

Large doses of probiotics and prebiotics can also cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. Only take dietary supplements as directed on the bottle or by a qualified healthcare provider for the best outcome. 

People with special health considerations should always consult their healthcare provider before starting any dietary supplement. For example, people with compromised digestive systems are often urged to begin in smaller doses to avoid shock to the system.


Prebiotic supplements are found in stores and online. If a product is only online, research shipping costs before purchasing, as sometimes they can exceed the price. 


How will a product benefit you? What are your individual needs? Are you looking for a specific outcome? These are some questions to consider before choosing a supplement

Make sure to do your research. Inspect the product label, read reviews, research ingredients, and consult your healthcare provider before choosing a product. 

The best prebiotics will have clear and clean sources of prebiotics listed on the product label. If you have questions, you may contact the company as a resource.

They are generally praised for supporting gut health and overall immune functioning.*  


Lastly, you will want to consider the supplements' convenience before buying them.

Some must be taken at certain times of the day, or they come in large pills that are nearly impossible to swallow! 

You want a prebiotic supplement that can deliver a variety of benefits and that is easy to incorporate into your daily routine. This way, you never have to worry about missing a day, and taking your prebiotic supplement will become second nature in no time.*

prebiotic versatility

Hyperbiotics Prebiotic: Organic Proprietary Blend (Our Review)

Benefit 1: Hyperbiotics Prebiotic for Gut Bacteria Support* 

Prebiotics offer a variety of health benefits. They act like a fertilizer for your probiotic supplements, supporting healthy bacteria and allowing them to thrive in the digestive tract.*  

Hyperbiotics offers a variety of probiotic supplements that contain prebiotics in the ingredients. However, we formulated a specific prebiotic supplement with a unique prebiotic fiber blend for those who don’t consume enough prebiotic foods in their diet. 

People are often encouraged to take prebiotics if they are experiencing occasional digestive issues, such as bloating and constipation and don’t consume enough prebiotic fiber in their diet. They are also recommended with probiotic supplements to help healthy bacteria flourish.* 

Hyperbiotics Prebiotic Powder provides fuel for your probiotics to support the colonization and growth of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in your gut.*

Benefit 2: It Comes In Powder Form

You can find prebiotic foods in their complete forms, such as Jerusalem artichoke, leeks, and chicory root. However, getting the amount of prebiotics you require daily from diet alone is challenging. 

There are prebiotic supplements available that come in powder form. What’s nice about supplements in powder form is that they can easily be disguised in your morning smoothie or even a glass of water or juice. They can also be mixed into food.

In addition, powder supplements are beneficial when consuming large servings and allow for easy dosage adjustment. 

Benefit 3: Organic and Sustainable

Hyperbiotics organic prebiotic powder contains prebiotic fiber sourced from a blend of acacia, Jerusalem artichoke, and green bananas. It’s the ideal mix of inulin, fructooligosaccharide (FOS), resistant starch, and soluble dietary fiber

It’s important to note that most probiotics and prebiotics do not survive past stomach acid. Hyperbiotics products are specifically designed to support absorption and survive stomach acid. This means more beneficial ingredients make it into your intestines, which are the most useful and potent.*

In addition, our organic prebiotic powder is free from soy, dairy, and gluten. This makes for a more versatile prebiotic supplement, suitable for those with allergies or dietary restrictions.  

Benefit 4: Can Be Taken With Probiotics

Prebiotics can support your microbiome’s health, but they are encouraged to be taken with probiotics. A probiotic and prebiotic blend supports a healthy gut, immune response, and healthy energy production.* 

Prebiotics can be taken with any over-the-counter probiotic for constipation to support digestive processes, healthy weight, and metabolic function.^* 

There are also specified prebiotic and probiotic strains for IBS. Several studies have shown the efficacy of using a combination of prebiotics and probiotics to support regular bowel movements. (1)*

The benefits of probiotics and fat loss have been widely documented. Prebiotics are known to enhance the benefits of probiotics, making them a popular supplement for supporting healthy weight management. (2)^* 

Remember that prebiotic and probiotic supplements are not a one-stop shop for weight loss. Healthy weight management is achieved with a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.^*  

Why People Love Hyperbiotics Prebiotic Powder 

  • Powder form makes for easy consumption
  • Free from gluten, dairy, psyllium, and soy 
  • Supports healthy weight management^* 
  • Supports relief from occasional gas, bloating, and indigestion* 
  • Supports digestive regulation* 
  • An organic blend of natural prebiotic fibers

Who It's Right For

Prebiotics, specifically Hyperbiotics Prebiotic Powder, can be taken by those looking for digestive support and as directed by a healthcare provider.*

People can see different outcomes when taking probiotics and prebiotics depending on their constitutions. Those who may benefit the most from this formulation include:*

  • Individuals with digestive irregularity, bloating, or gas* 
  • People who are looking for an organic and sustainable prebiotic

Detailed Analysis

Now that we’ve covered all bases, let’s look at how Hyperbiotics Prebiotic Powder performs on the specific criteria of affordability, side effects, availability, benefits, and versatility.


Hyperbiotics Prebiotic Powder is reasonably priced for a container that holds 54 servings! 

This means that the price you spend applies to a container of prebiotic supply that will last you more than a month.

We don't know what will happen if this product doesn’t score high on the affordability criteria.

If you are looking for an even better discount, bundles are available. These allow you to buy the prebiotic powder with probiotic capsules, which is even cheaper and gives you the benefits of both supplements.

At Hyperbiotics, sustainability is delivered at the most affordable price for the best quality, so you can support overall health while saving money. 

Side Effects Criteria

Prebiotics and probiotics are generally considered safe. However, there are increased risks of side effects for those with a compromised immune system and those with severe medical conditions. It is always advised to consult with a healthcare provider before starting a new dietary supplement to ensure the product suits your needs. It may be recommended to start probiotic or prebiotic supplements in small doses. Then you can work your way up to the suggested serving size.

Adding a hefty dose of prebiotics to an already compromised digestive system may result in gas, bloating, or diarrhea. While this is entirely normal, it can make it challenging to determine if the supplement works for you or if you’re having an adverse reaction.

Side effects are often short-lived and can be fixed by adjusting your dosage. It’s also essential to ensure you eat a healthy, balanced diet to give your gut the best possible chances of supporting digestion.

There are also specific prebiotics and probiotics for nursing mothers and pregnant women. As with any supplement, pregnant women are encouraged to speak to their healthcare provider before taking the product.


So, where can you find Hyperbiotics Prebiotics?

The good news is that our website can ship it at your earliest convenience. Your practitioner may also carry our premium-grade precision probiotic supplements. 

Buy Hyperbiotics Prebiotic Powder here


Prebiotic supplements can affect almost every aspect of your health and body.*

We have already outlined many of this product's benefits, but what makes it unique is our sustainable approach to prebiotics.

Our product is 100% naturally sourced, organic, and sustainable. This means you can enjoy all the benefits of a prebiotic supplement without worrying about a large carbon footprint.

Hyperbiotics Prebiotic Powder supports digestive regulation, healthy weight management, occasional gas and bloating relief, and more.^* 

Moreover, this prebiotic powder can be used with other probiotic supplements to support occasional digestive issues, such as constipation and diarrhea.*


Hyperbiotics Prebiotic Powder is versatile, as it can be added to most foods and beverages. 

You can add this supplement to your favorite smoothie or mix it into your food.

hyperbiotics prebiotic powder

Why Prebiotics?

After all this, you might still wonder: Why bother with prebiotics

The short answer is that probiotics need prebiotics for your gut flora to flourish. Probiotics won’t deliver enough gut benefits on their own.*

Prebiotics are a complex dietary fiber category that feeds the microorganisms in your gut. You could compare it to garden fertilizer. While it’s not enough on its own to make a beautiful, healthy flower bed, the difference between a garden patch with fertilizer and one without is night and day.* 

Prebiotics support your digestive system, ensuring it is in the optimal state for probiotics to thrive. This is especially important when considering probiotics' vulnerability once they enter your digestive system. Many of the important nutrients in probiotics are destroyed by stomach acid.*

Prebiotics support the balance of the digestive system, allowing your microbiome to reach equilibrium and setting your digestive system up for success when taking probiotics.*

What About Synbiotic Supplements?

Combining prebiotics and probiotics in one supplement is a popular duo called a synbiotic supplement.

However, these two-in-one supplements make it challenging to determine whether the specific type of probiotic is tailored to your needs, so we’d suggest taking them separately while you find out what works for you. You can always change to a synbiotic supplement later on. Plus, adding a spoonful of prebiotic powder to your morning drink or smoothie is easy. 

It’s also important to note that prebiotics are a type of fiber that doesn’t get digested in your gut. As the probiotic bacteria feed, they release chemicals and compounds which allow them to flourish.

This means that taking too much prebiotic supplement can cause gas and bloating, as the fiber isn’t absorbed; it’s only expelled. 

This highlights the need to ease yourself into a prebiotic supplement as you find the dose right for you, which may be tricky if you’re starting with a synbiotic supplement. 


We have outlined how prebiotics are the food that allows probiotics to flourish and what to look for in a prebiotic supplement. 

You want something affordable, high-quality, and accessible. Luckily, the Hyperbiotics Prebiotic Powder is all that and more. Not only is it a high-quality product at an affordable price, but it is also organic, sustainable, and shelf-stable. 

It’s also perfect for people on the go since you just add it to your morning smoothie and be on your way!

Ready to try it for yourself?

Buy Hyperbiotics Prebiotic Powder here

Best Prebiotics FAQs

What is the difference between prebiotics and probiotics?

Probiotics are live microorganisms naturally found in your gut, but they can also be supplemented into the diet with probiotic foods or supplements.

Prebiotics are a source of food for probiotic bacteria. They are carbohydrates that the body can’t digest, acting as fertilizer for healthy bacteria

When taken together, they can maximize each other’s benefits and ensure a healthy balance of good bacteria in the body.*

Can prebiotics feed bad bacteria?

Prebiotics act as fertilizer for beneficial bacteria in the body. However, eating a healthy, balanced diet for overall digestive health is also crucial. 

Consuming a diverse range of foods and avoiding processed foods can also support the beneficial bacteria in the gut, maintaining an equilibrium between good and bad bacteria. 

Can you take prebiotics in capsule form?

Prebiotics are found in many forms, including capsules. However, capsules may not offer enough protection for delicate probiotic organisms. In contrast, Hyperbiotics proprietary BIO-tract® tablets deliver up to 15 times more probiotic bacteria compared to standard veggie capsules. BIO-tract® technology improves the stability and protection of probiotics, so they can survive stomach acid and make it to the intestine, where they are most needed.^^*

If you are looking for a prebiotic supplement, look no further!

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

^Provides weight management support as part of a healthy lifestyle with a reduced-calorie diet and regular exercise.

 ^^BIO-tract® vs. instant release formulations under in vitro test conditions.