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We consider the impact of our probiotic formulas at every turn, from the ingredients we choose, to how they’re made, the bottles we use, and how they’re delivered to you. We’re on a mission to replenish living ecosystems - from human microbiomes to the delicate and endangered ecosystems of our planet.

We don’t have all the answers (just yet), but we believe that every bit counts. Here’s a look at what we’re doing to take care of our world.


We take our packaging seriously.

Our premium probiotic supplements arrive to our customers in bottles only (no extraneous boxes or leaflets) to cut down on utilizing unnecessary resources. We consciously pack as much information as we can onto our labels so we don't waste materials on extra packaging that often ends up in the trash.


We’re working to keep waste out of landfills.

We'd love to package our products in compostable or biodegradable bottles, and we’ve gone to great lengths to look into every option.

The truth is that the current “plant-based plastic” that is compostable is not strong enough to protect our tablets from air and moisture. We currently use recyclable plastic (2 HDPE), and we’re actively seeking alternative options that encourage the most effective sustainability practices while offering our probiotics the best protection available.

In line with utilizing recyclable plastic, we deeply encourage our customers to reuse or recycle their empty bottles as most recycling centers will accept this type of plastic. We also encourage those unable to recycle to check with local homeless centers, clinics, veterinarians, or animal shelters, to see if they accept used supplement bottles (many of them do!)


We’re passionate about the environment.

To mitigate the impact of our use of plastic, we’ve chosen to participate in a carbon offset program through Natural Capital Partners with contributions to the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve.

Through carbon offsetting, carbon credits are purchased in specific programs to compensate for emissions or other environmental impacts. Programs are available worldwide, ranging from cookstoves, to renewable energy, forest protection, water quality, farming and a host of other efforts.


We’re dedicated to supporting our planet’s natural ecosystems and wildlife.

The Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve in Borneo, Indonesia, is a unique project that works to preserve carbon-dense tropical peat swamp by helping to halt the deforestation of roughly 47,000 hectares of forest originally slated for conversion to palm oil plantations.

In order to deliver on its goals, the project actively engages local communities to improve food security, income opportunities, health care, and education.

Rimba Raya is also home to the Orangutan Foundation International (OFI), the largest private orangutan sanctuary in the world. We're proud to be the foster parents of five of OFI's orangutans: Krista, Cory Marder, Lear, Bayat, and Irvine. 

We support global motherhood.

We believe all mothers and children are entitled to a safe, loving birth as nature intended. We’re proud to support Bumi Sehat, an organization dedicated to providing free prenatal care, birth and medical assistance, and postpartum support to underprivileged families in Bali, Indonesia. You can learn more about our work with Bumi Sehat here.