When it comes to good health precision is everything.

At Hyperbiotics, we provide effective and affordable probiotics for your entire family.* If you’re searching for a probiotic for yourself, your family, or pets, we have you covered.


Our Precision Probiotics feature a curated selection of science-backed, targeted probiotic strains, for precise results you can feel.* Whether you’re seeking:

  • General Gut Support
  • Targeted Formula

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Precision Probiotics

(Because More is Not Always Better)

Precision probiotics is a science-based concept for probiotic manufacturing. What the research shows, is that when it comes to probiotics, more is not always better.Rather, it’s about using the right strain for the right indication. It's not about numbers, it's about precision.

Meaning, the strength of a probiotic (CFUs) is not nearly as important as the specific STRAINS used in the formula. Rooted in the concept of precision probiotics, Hyperbiotics offers targeted formulas designed for your unique needs.*

Hyperbiotics Advanced Strength Probiotic

Proprietary Innovation for Noticeable Results


Proprietary Innovation for Noticeable Results

BIO-tract® technology

Our proprietary delivery technology protects probiotics on the shelf and through the stomach’s harsh and acidic environment*

15X More Survivability vs. Standard Vegetable Capsules†

15X More survivability Than Standard Vegetable Capsules**
Strains are released slowly over time to reach the entire GI tract gently and effectively*

Clean Matters

Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, and more

Shelf Stable

No refrigeration necessary