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Our Story

 At Hyperbiotics, we believe that all health begins in the gut.

This belief (though backed by tremendous research) has been reinforced for us through personal experience.

After healing from the parasite Entamoeba Histolytica I became empowered with the knowledge of the role of the microbiome in regard to our overall health and well-being. A paradigm shift occurred as I began to understand the importance of gut health and that everything – from our diets high in processed foods to chlorine in our water, antibiotics in our livestock and even not being breastfed as a child – can leave us severely deficient in one of the most important aspects of immunity: probiotics.

Armed with research and invigorated with possibilities, the concept that bacteria is both the foundation and the future of health ignited my quest to formulate a better probiotic. Hyperbiotics was born.

Using patented technology, we are proud to say that we have developed one of the world’s most survivable probiotic supplements at an affordable price and we help people feel their best on a daily basis by delivering to them the benefits probiotics have to offer.

Enjoy the power-packed goodness!
- Jamie Morea & The Hyperbiotics Team


We started Hyperbiotics because of you.

"A man with his health has 1000 dreams; a man without it has only one."
- Indian Proverb

When I fell ill a few years ago, it was a dark and lonely time. I was in bed for 6+ months. I sought answers with every ounce of energy I could muster and I honestly didn’t know if I would be sequestered to the sidelines of life...for the rest of my life.

This experience changed me in many ways. Along with knowledge, I gained empathy, compassion and understanding. And when I got my health back, I also got 1000 dreams to help others do the same. I traded my desperation and my fears for a sense of purpose.

When I say that we are dedicated to you and your journey toward greater health, I mean it. If you interact with us - via phone, email, social media, you name it - you will see. You will feel it. We care about you.

In addition to providing you with the most survivable probiotic formulas - at an affordable price - we are compelled to be a listening ear, a source of inspiration and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to achieving optimal health and living a vibrant life.


Our Mission

We are on a mission to help you feel your best.

At Hyperbiotics, we love making a difference by leveraging the latest research to develop premium probiotic formulas and empowering individuals on their journey toward greater health.

We are a team of dedicated microbiome experts, professionals and evangelists who believe a paradigm shift is happening around the way we view health and medicine.

The human microbiome is the universe of bacteria, fungi and other microbes that live in and on our bodies, where the root of health is being profoundly studied and uncovered.

Victor Hugo famously said: All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come…

Though many of our modern lifestyle habits can damage the microbiome as we know it, research is pouring in and helping to facilitate this paradigm shift.

Some say we’re on the brink of a post-antibiotic era, we feel we’re on the cutting edge of greater health and vitality.

The more we learn about and understand the human microbiome, the more we’re understanding that the future of medicine is calling us forward.


Our Responsibility

From reducing our carbon footprint to protecting our delicate environment and caring for others, we’re determined to make a difference in the world and hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to social and environmental responsibility.

We support global motherhood.

Because gut health begins at birth, and we believe every being is entitled to a healthy start in life, supporting women and maternal health has long been core to our values. We have partnered with Robin Lim, internationally-recognized humanitarian, midwife, well-known author and CNN Hero of the Year at Bumi Sehat in Bali, Indonesia. We also founded Change for Women, a collective of creative leaders and businesses standing together to make a difference in the world by advancing health, human rights, and equality for women and girls everywhere.

We support Mother Earth.

We participate in a carbon offset program through Natural Capital Partners with contributions to the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve. Rimba Raya is home to the largest private orangutan sanctuary in the world, Orangutan Foundation International, and works to protect this species and geography from deforestation and habitat fragmentation in Borneo, Indonesia.