Brownie Batter Vegan Overnight Oats

Brownie Batter Vegan Overnight Oats

Too busy to fix a wholesome breakfast before work or school? This super-easy recipe lets you do the preparation the night before, so you can just open the fridge and grab a spoon at breakfast time. And while your tastebuds experience all the joy of licking the bowl after baking brownies, this heavenly, chocolate dish is completely guilt-free! Not only is our gut-healthy scrumptious breakfast totally vegan—it’s also chock full of omega 3s, prebiotic fiber, plant-based protein, and beneficial phytonutrients.

A warning though—this chilled, healthy breakfast treat is so delicious, your kids (and spouse!) may try to eat it all before you even get to the table. So, you might want to double or triple the recipe to make sure no one in the family misses out on their yummy chocolate morning jumpstart.

• ¾ cup uncooked rolled oats (not instant)
• ¾ cup plant-based milk
• 1 scoop organic prebiotic powder
• 1 tablespoon hemp seeds
• 1 tablespoon chia seeds
• 1 tablespoon raw organic cacao powder or chocolate protein powder
• ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
• ½ banana, mashed
• ¼ cup chopped pecans
• Pure maple syrup to taste

Mix all ingredients together in a sealable container or bowl with lid. Cover and chill in the fridge overnight. Top with fruit, nut butter, and additional plant-based milk before serving, if desired.

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