DIY Sweet Honey-Orange Face Wash

DIY Sweet Honey-Orange Face Wash

Why risk irritating your delicate facial skin with all the harsh chemicals and foaming agents found in commercial cleansers when you can make your own natural face wash that’s equally effective—and smells good enough to eat?

The soothing and cleansing properties of honey team up with pure, gentle castile soap to leave your face feeling fresh, glowing and healthy—and the sunny fragrance of oranges somehow makes the whole world feel just a bit brighter.


• ¼ cup distilled water
• ⅓ cup pure olive oil castile soap
• ¼ cup organic, raw local honey
• 2 drops of orange essential oil
• 2 tablespoons sweet almond oil


Pour all ingredients in the order listed into a clean liquid soap pump bottle or foamer bottle. Cover and shake until the mixture is well blended before each use.