3 Tips to Choose the Best Probiotic for Your Family's Immune Health*

3 tips to choose the best probiotic for your family's immune system health*

Your family’s immune health is a top priority. You know about the health benefits of probiotics for general wellness. But wading through probiotic products can be overwhelming. How do you know you’re getting the most high-quality probiotic bacteria strains?*

This article will cover three tips from healthy gut experts to help you select the best probiotic supplements for your family’s overall health.*

3 Tips to Choose the Best Probiotic*

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Choosing a probiotic dietary supplement does not have to be overwhelming. You also don’t need a science degree to understand labels or strains. These are the essential features to look for:*

1. Viable (Live) Cell Count

Probiotics support the gut microbiome by introducing “live” bacteria with beneficial properties. If the probiotic supplement you purchase does not have a minimum amount of live colony-forming units (CFUs), then the good microbes may never make it to your gut, to begin with.*

You can check for CFUs by looking at the supplement facts on the product’s label. Trustworthy brands will provide the following information:

  • The number of live microorganisms at the time of manufacture
  • The specific type of strains used in the product (for example, lactobacillus paracasei or bifidobacterium bifidum)

An expert tip to remember: more CFUs are not always better. The strain's effectiveness matters more than the volume of bacteria you take in. Bacterial strains have benefits for different health needs. Probiotics are not “one size fits all.” The same is true for the different harmful bacteria colonizing the gut. The type in your gut may differ from what is in your child’s microbiome.*

For optimal support, you need probiotic strains that are beneficial for your relevant health needs. There are formulations for women’s health, general digestive tract support, children’s gastrointestinal health, and more.*

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2. Refrigeration or Shelf-Stable?

Many probiotics have to be refrigerated to maintain their potency. But the last thing you have time for is remembering to take a supplement that’s buried behind leftovers, milk, and bread. Probiotics that do not require refrigeration but still deliver live cultures make your life easier.*

Shelf-stable probiotics are not inferior to refrigerated brands. Because of proprietary BIO-tract delivery technology, Hyperbiotics probiotics are formulated to maintain deliverable strains through shelf storage and the harsh environment of stomach acid exposure.*

3. Evidence-Based Probiotic Strains

Your gut microbiome is a community of bacterial strains cultivated from the moment you entered the world. Every human being has a unique landscape of microorganisms. One -size-fits-all supplementation will not provide benefits for everyone. (1)*

You want probiotic strains that have been proven effective in clinical research. You also want formulations aimed at your specific phase of life and health journey. Mothers need different probiotics than children, just like other health focuses require additional, targeted support. (2)*

Hyperbiotics formulates precision probiotics. Our motto is “Different strains for different pains” because we know that all strains do not benefit everyone.*

Are you overwhelmed by the probiotic options available? Discover suitable strains of probiotics for your health focus. Take the Probiotics Quiz now and get answers.*

The Best Probiotics for Everyone in the Family*

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There are hundreds of different probiotic strains. The type of probiotic supplement you want (or your healthcare provider may recommend) depends on many factors:*

  • Whether or not you need prebiotics, a specialized fiber that nourishes bacteria in your gut*
  • If you have special dietary restrictions, like being gluten-free or needing to avoid other allergens*
  • If you have other health conditions or concerns, like urinary health, gut health, constipation, or you need additional support*
  • Supporting immune and gut health after antibiotics*
  • If you struggle to digest or experience bloating after eating fermented foods like kefir, kimchi, kombucha, and sauerkraut

Instead of sifting through the scientific literature on specific strains for immune health support, you can utilize the life-stage and health-focused formulations from Hyperbiotics.*

  • Adults: Support a robust immune system and upper respiratory health with Immune Defense. Formulated with lactobacillus paracasei and lactobacillus plantarum, this simple formula should not be underestimated. These two strains have been clinically studied to support daily immune function. (3)*

  • Children: Digestive and immune health comes first with PRO-Kids, a four-strain formulation that includes lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidobacterium lactis, and others that are evidence-based. PRO-Kids is a tiny pearl capsule that can be swallowed by almost any child of any age—but tastes great if they’re chewed, too! For additional targeted support, PRO-Kids ENT is designed to support inner ear, nose, and throat health, along with dental health and immune system function, all in a sugar-free chewable tablet. (4)*

  • Healthy Aging: Your daily probiotic needs evolve with age, and the right probiotic can support healthy aging and immune system function. Pro-Bifido was formulated for adults over age 50. It was designed using seven specific probiotic strains supporting bone, joint, digestive, and mental wellness.*

  • Summary

    Your digestive system includes the microbiome, which houses much more bacteria than you’ll ever know. Harmful bacteria are often associated with adverse side effects. But the gut is also home to a significant volume of beneficial bacteria. Because your gut microbiome evolves and develops throughout your lifetime, targeted probiotic support can be crucial in maintaining a healthy gut lining and immune system. Decades of research show that probiotics have therapeutic potential in adults and children. (5)*

    Whether you want to support your child’s gut health as they head back to school or your focus is your well-being, the right probiotic strains can protect the intestinal lining, encourage healthy immune system responses, and support digestive health. (5, 6)*

    As much as 80% of the immune system is in the gut. Nourishing the good bacteria that live there is impactful for the entire body. Even though immune health gets highlighted during certain seasons, it is busy defending your body all year. That's why optimal support should not be limited to cold weather seasons! (7)*

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    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug (FDA) Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    BIO-tract® vs. instant release formulations under in vitro test conditions