Gut Healthy Shopping with the Hyperbiotics Team

For those of us who love to eat, a trip to the grocery store can be a wondrous—albeit sometimes overwhelming—adventure. List in hand, we find ourselves navigating the aisles bursting with thousands of tempting food items, trying to pick and choose the healthiest fare for our families.

Shopping the periphery of our favorite grocery store for fresh, perishable (in other words, preservative-free) foods and avoiding the processed products rampant in the inner aisles is excellent advice, and now that we know how important our microbiome is to our overall vitality and wellbeing, we can dig even deeper and add another category to our shopping list: gut-healthy foods.

Because the friendly flora that live in our digestive tract are responsible for so many life-sustaining functions in our body, we can make the conscious choice to nourish them and their cozy abode by choosing foods and drinks that support our gut health from the inside out. From fiber-rich, plant-based prebiotics to healthy fats, tasty fermented treats, and health-promoting spices, the possibilities are endless when it comes to shopping for—and supporting—your gut.

At Hyperbiotics, we are a team of passionate microbiome enthusiasts who walk the talk when it comes to living a probiotic-rich life. Here's a peek at the coveted gut-healthy shopping lists of several of our Hyperbiotics team members:

Jamie: “I always include asparagus, oats, honey, bananas, and onions—all are wonderful sources of prebiotics that nourish and feed our friendly gut flora. Turmeric is an amazing anti-inflammatory herb that can help heal the gut lining and cinnamon is great for stimulating digestion.” 



"Blueberries and bananas are the easiest gut healthy foods to add to my son's diet! For me, cauliflower is a wonderful vessel for all sorts of recipes including my favorite—roasted cauliflower and garlic soup.”

“Honey is such a delicious prebiotic and bananas—another source of prebiotics—are packed full of a variety of nutrients. Almonds have lots of healthy fats, fiber, protein and magnesium, and apple cider vinegar can improve digestion. Cinnamon also helps with digestion and is tasty and extremely low in calories on top of that!”

“Sprouted wheat bread for avocado toast, apples with any kind of nut butter, chia seeds for a little extra crunch, and jicama because I can sneak it into just about anything and dip it in anything too!”

“I try and look for foods that are good sources of prebiotics and are also easy to keep on hand and prepare ahead of time. Lentils are an excellent prebiotic that are easy to make a big batch over the weekend and are a good source of fiber and protein. Kimchi is a delicious, spicy traditional Korean food full of beneficial bacteria, and steel cut oats make a great quick breakfast. And I can’t live without green tea!”

“Bananas are a great prebiotic source and are my go to in the morning. And what is there not to love about garlic, another excellent prebiotic? I’ve been using whole grain flour for a while (for guilt-free pancakes) and prebiotic-rich asparagus has to be my favorite vegetable!” 

“Thank goodness the low-fat craze is tapering off, because grass fed butter might as well be a superfood. It is full of good fats and helps coats the lining of the gut. And yucca, a starchy curveball, runs in the same high-nutrient league as sweet potato and squash, but it has a flavor profile all its own. Garlic wards off everything (not just vampires) and anything prepared in a rich curry sauce (think spices, coconut milk, and ghee) is just plain better!”

No matter where—or how—you do your grocery shopping, focusing on organic (when possible), whole food, plant-based ingredients and including healthy fats, prebiotics, and health-promoting spices will satiate your palate and provide your beneficial bacteria with the sustenance they need to keep you feeling your best each and every day!


Emily Courtney is a Writer and Editor at Hyperbiotics and mom to two fun and active boys. Emily is passionate about natural wellness and helping others learn about the power of probiotics for vibrant health! For more ideas on how you can benefit from the power of probiotics and live healthier days, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

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