Inside Hyperbiotics: How Our Pets Enrich Our Lives

There’s no doubt that pets have immeasurable (and as it turns out, hugely beneficial) effects on our lives, from relieving our stress and improving our health to keeping us active, encouraging us to socialize and—you guessed it—even improving our microbiome!


Indeed, as soon as we welcome them into our homes and our hearts, our pets effortlessly become bonafide members of our families, brightening each and every day with wholehearted love, support, and joy.

In honor of our furry (and feathery and scaly!) friends, we asked our Hyperbiotics team members how their pets enhance and enrich their lives:

Mckenzie L. Operations
How many more times a day do I smile because of this girl? Countless.

Whitney H.
Digital Marketing
The number one thing my sweet girl Reagan has brought to my life is laughter, because she is such a goofball! Her joyful spirit is totally contagious and she reminds me daily that there isn't anything a good nap or a little playtime can't solve!


Emilie C. Operations
Introducing Hector (our chocolate lab) and Henry (flat coat lab cross). If I want to remember what they bring to our lives as a family I only have to look at how they relate to our kids, the way the kids love spending time with the two of them and the way the two of them are always there with the kids, whether they are relaxing on the sofa with them while they game or running in the woods with them on a walk. I love having two dogs and cannot image life without my boys.

I also asked the kids (12 and 13 years old) seperately why they liked having dogs and they both basically said for the unconditional love and support....they both said they could talk to the dogs and they would understand how they were feeling, which I thought was interesting.

And finally...both my dogs love PRO-Pets and will simply eat it out of my hand when I give them theirs!

Kristin Q. Practitioner Program
Our sweet girl Shadow (full name: Shadow Basketball Adams...thanks to my son) is just the best. She enriches our family time each night pushing us to walk a little longer and often encourages us to play ball outside. Also, she's a living reminder that love, family, and food can heal anyone! She was malnourished and worn out when we adopted she's thriving and healthy!


Alisha R. Team Engagement
Kai (means Willow Tree in Navajo). He enhances my life by reminding me to take in the beauty of all things. He’s a grand adventurer with the disposition of a Buddha.



Amit S. Digital Marketing
Ariki (means Chief in native Easter Island language) enhances my life by motivating me to get out of the house often and be healthy and by being a good reminder of staying in the present all the time.



Emily C. Marketing
My sheepadoodle, Hurley, has brought more joy to my family’s life than I ever could have imagined. Unconditional love, endless enthusiasm, and a remarkable ability to sense when any of us needs a cuddle—all wrapped up in a huggable ball of fur and goofiness. Just one look at Hurley is all any of us needs when we are feeling low...he’s an instant mood booster!

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