Our Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas That Are Anything but Typical

Our Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas That Are Anything but Typical

Stumped on what to get your bio-hacking, health-conscious friends and family this year? You know, those among us who always seem to have their cabinets stocked with the latest eco-friendly accessories and embody “mindful eating”. Outside of a new yoga mat or running shoes, it can be tricky to pick out the perfect gift for your wellness empowered loved ones.

But not to worry! To help you with your last minute holiday shopping, our team handpicked our very favorite, health-forward gifts that your wellness inspired friends will just love.

1. The Simple Folk
If you’re wanting to give the gift of beautiful, timeless, luxuriously soft clothes for babies and kids, look no further than The Simple Folk. Made with non-toxic, natural, and organic fabrics and dyes and created in an environmentally and socially conscious way, The Simple Folk’s minimalist, high-comfort play clothes are designed to support adventure, movement, and self-discovery for all of the little ones in your life! And with the company’s focus on ethical, sustainable fashion practices and dedication to supporting children all over the world, this is one present you’ll truly feel good about giving.

2. Sakara Life
Beautiful, clean, and oh-so-easy, meal delivery boxes are ingenious and Sakara Life is the answer to every foodie’s wildest dreams. Run by a council that includes both chefs and scientists (including a microbiome expert!), their delicious meals are organic, plant-based, locally sourced, and free of sugar, gluten, GMOs, and dairy. They take healthy to the next level and make our hearts swoon.

3. Copper H2O
Frankly, Copper H2O’s bottles are so pretty that we’d be sold on them by appearance alone, but these striking bottles are incredible because they help balance the body by infusing the water they contain with copper, turning it alkaline. (This is ideal, since drinking alkaline water can help keep the body's pH balanced, which promotes a healthy metabolism, encourages good energy levels, and may even help with nutrient absorption!) Plus, copper is a natural antibacterial and antioxidant that can help reduce the signs of aging. There’s really no way to go wrong with one of these beauties.

4. Valentia Skincare: Prickly Pear Oil
If you know someone who’d like to be in the know about a natural, luxury skincare elixir that works like magic to hydrate and revitalize mature skin, Valentia Prickly Pear Oil is a perfect fit.

Cold-pressed from organic prickly pear seeds, this miracle oil will really give your loved one something to rave about. Rich in amino acids and essential fatty acids (all of which stimulate collagen turnover and maintain hydration to give skin that soft, supple feeling), prickly pear oil is also packed with vitamin K, which brightens and tightens skin.

5. Activated Charcoal Probiotic Toothpaste
You might not immediately think of toothpaste as a winning gift but there’s a new toothpaste in town that is truly a gift worth receiving, and it’s stocking-sized. Hyperbiotics Activated Charcoal Probiotic toothpaste is a brand new, pitch black paste that is natural, effective, and infused with the very best ingredients that leave your teeth looking shiny and new. It contains activated coconut charcoal to naturally lift stains, giving your lucky loved one a social media-worthy smile without sacrificing their oh-so-important enamel to harsh abrasives or bleaches. Xylitol and L. paracasei work to crowd out and reduce unwanted bacteria, getting right to the root of many common dental issues, including bad breath.

6. Radius Toothbrush
Complement our probiotic charcoal toothpaste or just brighten someone’s oral care routine with a toothbrush so stylish it’s in the Smithsonian, so effective the ADA loves it, and eco-friendly to boot. Radius’s gorgeous, effective toothbrushes support optimal oral health––and look amazing too!

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7. MindBodyGreen's Online Classes
Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is the chance to access information that can propel them forward. MindBodyGreen's online classes offer insight into all the things that make those wooed by wellness tick: how to sleep well, how to enjoy relationships more, and how to beat sugar cravings, to name just a few. With such a diverse range of important topics, there's sure to be a fit for someone in your circle.

8. Lena Cup
Ladies, the age of enlightenment is upon us. Gone are the days of bleached feminine products that affect our health and fill up landfills. Not only has the Lena Cup been voted the very best menstrual cup for beginners, the company is a member of the Change for Women Collective, which means that when you buy from them, you not only get a chance to support the women in your life directly with superior menstrual care, you also get a chance to support women worldwide in the journey to equality.

9. Sari Foods Superfoods
For those superfoodies in your life, there’s nothing like the gift of premium nutrition. Sari Foods Company is our absolute favorite place to stock up on colorful, nutrient-dense superfood powders that make healthy living both easy and delicious. From organic acai and turmeric to spirulina and wheatgrass powders, there’s a rainbow of goodness just waiting to light up your loved one’s life.

10. The Real Food Grocery Guide
Many of us want to eat as healthy as possible...but the idea of spending forever in a grocery aisle trying to decipher jargon, advertising, and nutritional doublespeak is definitely less than appealing. Enter The Real Food Grocery Guide, by Maria Marlowe: a simple, honest take on what the healthiest foods are and what all those words on the label actually mean. A great gift for the aspiring healthy foodie in your life!

11. Soma Water Bottles and Filters
The most beautiful way we’ve ever seen to get eight glasses a day, Soma helps people stay hydrated and avoid unwanted additions to water like zinc and chlorine, all with sustainable, largely plant-based products. Oh, and did we mention that part of every purchase you make goes to help someone affected by the global water crisis? This truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

12. Stasher Bags
We health warriors sure do love our smoothies. From steamed cauliflower to frozen bananas, Stasher bags are the most user-friendly solution for smoothie and snack storage. Not only are they healthier than BPA-leaching plastic bags, they’re more environmentally friendly, they’re self-sealing, and they work just as well in the oven and freezer as in a lunchbox. Plus, they come in lots of fun colors!

13. Vital Proteins Collagen
Collagen is essential for healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints—but it can be hard to get enough of it in a typical daily diet. Vital Proteins Collagen swoops in to solve this problem with one simple scoop. This tasteless, easily soluble powder is chock full of bioavailable collagen to take hair from limp to lush, give your skin a flawless, timeless glow and support healthy bones and joints at the same time.

14. Honey Mama's
Do you have a chocolate lover in your life? Honey Mama’s cocoa bars will introduce them to a new dimension of deliciousness: made with only five all natural, nutrient-rich ingredients and available in flavors like peppermint and lavender, they’re our go-to for healthy(ish) splurging. You can order them online and they deliver just about everywhere.

15. Schmidt's Naturals
As much as we love natural products, we’ll be the first to admit that some natural deodorants leave something to be desired. Schmidt’s Naturals mineral-enriched soaps and deodorants are a huge exception. Made with plant-powered ingredients and free of artificial fragrances, SLS, PEG, and aluminum, their incredible (and creative) scents will leave your friends and family feeling as fresh as a daisy––and just as natural too!

16. ECOlunchbox
There's nothing like making a great, healthy meal...and then sticking it in a unhealthy, environmentally-unfriendly plastic container. ECOlunchbox is a wonderful alternative to traditional food storage, with its collection of beautifully designed plastic-free lunch boxes and storage containers that are just as healthy for people as they are for the planet. Perfect for your friends with kids or anyone who likes to eat on the go.

17. Daily Harvest
Most everyone loves the idea of waking up to a healthy, gorgeous breakfast...but when it comes to the prep work, the whole thing suddenly seems less appealing. Daily Harvest makes delicious, nutrient-rich mornings possible by doing all the prep work for you, delivering pre-portioned superfood smoothies and bowls right to your loved one's door. All they have to do is blend or heat, and enjoy.

18. Eco Stars
The ultimate stocking stuffer for the little ones in your life, Eco Stars crayons are non-toxic, made from 100% recycled materials, and actually certified by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission—they’re just that good. Plus, their unique shape makes for some intriguing coloring possibilities…parallel lines are just the start!

19. Herban Essentials Essential Oil Towelettes
And let's not forget the parents! If your friends and family are anything like our HB moms, they don’t leave the house without a pack of wipes. But what they might not realize is that many wipes contain harsh chemicals that can destroy the balance of their microbiome. Herban Essentials wipes takes that possibility right out. They work like a dream, they smell amazing, and they even provide the benefits of aromatherapy from the essential oils they're infused with. Win, win, and win.

20. Phlur
There's nothing that ties the season together quite like an amazing smell. And yet, so many perfumes and scented candles are made with artificial chemicals that are less-than-ideal for health. Phlur lets you feed a friend or loved one's scent addiction with lovely fragrances and candles that are just as health conscious and eco-friendly as they are luxe––and they've got some great holiday gift sets at a variety of price ranges.

21. Headspace
What if you could give the gift of calm this season? While there's no magical wand to grant ease and comfort to those around you, the Headspace app is about as close as you can get. This wonderful app makes meditation and mindfulness easy, with both meditation training programs (can we say New Year's resolution?) and bite-sized SOS meditations just in case things get a little hairy. With themed meditations for people of all ages, focusing on everything from lowering stress to increasing compassion, what's not to love?

22. Go With Your Gut
Know someone who's always in search of the perfect diet and/or exercise routine? This book could be just what they need. In it, author Robyn Youkilis breaks down the truth about just how important gut health is for maintaining an ideal weight, not to mention supporting overall health. A great first step to rebuilding a relationship with the body, Go With Your Gut has just the right mix of theory, simple steps, and delicious recipes to help your loved one ease into a truly healthy lifestyle.

23. Paddywax Additive-Free Candles
Give the gift of cozy, hygge-inspired goodness with an aesthetically-pleasing natural candle that anyone is sure to love. Unlike most candles, which are made with unhealthy ingredients like artificial fragrances, parabens, and paraffin wax, Paddywax's high quality, earth-friendly candles burn like a dream and are made with soy wax and cotton wicks, and are scented with natural essential oils so your friends and family can bask in their glow without the worry of breathing in toxic air. Their blended aromas (like vetiver and cardamom and wild fig and cedar) are packed into beautifully minimalist, repurposable containers to evoke a sense of contentment and enjoyment of the present, no matter your personal style. There’s a bit of something for everyone!

24. Tea Forté Ceremonial Grade Matcha Set
There's green tea, and then there's matcha: a finely powdered, ultra-concentrated Japanese green tea with a bit of a cult-following right now. It’s a great alternative to coffee, and it’s addictingly delicious. You can tell matcha apart by its signature light green color, and it’s associated with a host of health benefits, including boosting energy, supporting immunity, encouraging quick post-workout recovery, and even promoting a healthy weight.

For true matcha fans, there’s nothing better than a beautiful ceremonial tea set like Tea Forté's Ceremonial Grade Matcha Set. It has everything needed to create authentic matcha moments and to instill (or support) a healthy habit of nourishing your body and calming your mind.

25. Hyperbiotics Digestive Starter Pack
And if you're looking for a way to easily implement your new knowledge of gut health and its importance, you can't do better than our Digestive Starter Pack. Containing both a bottle of our staple probiotic, PRO-15, as well as a jar of Prebiotic Powder that gives your good guys all the nutrition they need to thrive, it's the easiest way to jumpstart gut health, and enjoy the better digestion, enhanced immunity, deeper sleep, and increased energy that comes with it!