Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

At Hyperbiotics, we love educating our customers about the power of the microbiome and providing effective formulas designed to help you live your healthiest days. But we are also passionate about leading a natural lifestyle that protects our Earth and the plants, animals, and people living on it.

Minimizing Our Carbon Footprint

Our emphasis on caring for our planet is why we take extra steps toward being a carbon neutral company. You know how your mother always told you to “leave a room cleaner than you found it”? That’s how we look at our planet we should beautify it, not destroy it. We share this world with millions of species who deserve to thrive in their natural ecosystems that support their lives.

But for the last several hundred years, people haven’t been too kind to the environment. From deforestation to ocean and air pollution, human activity is having a widely destructive impact on Earth.

Corporations and individuals can estimate their carbon footprint, or the amount of carbon that they leave behind. Your choices, such as whether or not to recycle, the type of food you eat and even how you get to work each day, help determine your ecological footprint. In fact, Global Footprint Network has a Footprint Calculator to estimate how many planet Earths filled with resources would be necessary if everyone in the world lived under your habits. It’s pretty shocking!

Hyperbiotics is constantly mindful of our Earth and how we can preserve it. That’s why we’ve committed to working towards neutralizing our carbon emissions.

Carbon Neutral Makes a Difference

Carbon neutrality is having a net carbon emissions of zero. In simple terms, any emissions you send off are counterbalanced by green practices that protect the environment. While many companies don’t think twice about their carbon emissions, we’re working hard to earn carbon neutral status by:

  • Limiting our packaging so we aren’t including unnecessary leaflets or cardboard.
  • Using 2 HDPE recyclable plastic. While we would love to use plant-based, compostable alternatives, we have not found any that are strong enough to protect our formulas from air and moisture.
  • Partnering with Natural Capital Partners and Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve to offset our carbon emissions.

Protecting Our Natural Habitats

As part of reducing our carbon footprint, we work with Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve, an Indonesian rainforest reserve that has up to 1,000 plant and animal species per square kilometer. Rainforests in Indonesia, especially on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra, have been greatly depleted in recent years due largely to legal (and illegal) deforestation for palm oil, timber, and mining.

This destruction of rainforests leaves the species that live there distraught and displaced from their homes. For example, Borneo and Sumatra are the only places on Earth where you can find orangutans inhabiting the rainforest. But with the widespread destruction on their islands, many orangutans are killed, sold on the black market, or generally displaced due to the destruction of their habitats. According to the UN’s Environment Program, if illegal logging, fire, and development of oil palm plantations continue, the Bornean Orangutan will become extinct in as little as 10-20 years.

Rimba Raya is making a difference by providing a home of almost 65,000 hectares of peat swamp for orphaned and uprooted orangutans. Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) helps rehabilitate these orangutans in an environment where they can thrive and feel like they are at home. We’re proud to support OFI by fostering five of their orangutans, providing medical, dietary, and emotional care for them until they can be safely returned to the wild.

We’re so excited to contribute to Rimba Raya to help preserve our beautiful planet while helping our customers feel great as they take high-quality probiotics, work to rebalance the microbiome and achieve the ideal state of wellness as designated by nature.


Julie Hays is the Communications Director here at Hyperbiotics. Health writer and mama of two little girls, Julie's on a mission to empower others to live lives free of the microbial depletion many of us face today. For more ideas on how you can maximize wellness and benefit from the power of probiotics, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

What steps are you taking to reduce your carbon footprint?

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