Time-Release Probiotics

time-release probiotics

The beneficial bacteria in time-release probiotics can support our health in various ways. This includes aiding in mineral absorption, immune response, and producing vitamins and vital fatty acids.*

This is why aisles at health food shops and supermarket stores are stacked high with probiotic and prebiotic supplements that can help colonize your gut with good bacteria. An example is inulin prebiotics found in various fruits, vegetables, and herbs.* 

So, what exactly are time-release probiotics? Below we’ll dive into what time-release probiotics are, but first, we need to understand why veggie capsules may not be recommended.*

The Disadvantages of Veggie Capsules 

Due to the growing interest in non-animal-derived products, there is greater availability of medicines and vitamins in vegetable capsules. Vegetable capsules are comprised of hypromellose, a plant-based cellulose polymer. While this appears to be better for you, it isn't particularly effective at protecting probiotic bacteria from stomach acid. (1)

Your stomach is naturally acidic to break down the food you eat. However, this same acidity can also break down a typical veggie capsule, causing the probiotic components to be released in your stomach rather than in your colon. 

Unfortunately, such microorganisms are also affected by stomach acid. They will immediately be eliminated before they can reach your stomach.

BIO-tract® protection reveals that ordinary veggie capsules get about 4% of their probiotic contents past your stomach acid. As a result, such living organisms don’t have a chance to enter your intestines where you need them the most.*

While veggie capsules may be appropriate for other supplements that aren't harmed by gastric acids, they aren't the best way to deliver probiotics. Time-release probiotics, such as BIO-tract® tablets, are the best alternative.*

What Are Time-Release Probiotics?

Time-release probiotics allow beneficial bacteria to travel safely through stomach acid and into the intestine. They are available in two varieties:

BIO-Tract® Probiotics Tablets

BIO-Tract® technology allows for time-release delivery as a unique design to preserve probiotic bacteria from stomach acid for a longer time in the gut. These tablets are created from natural, high-quality raw materials.

BIO-Tract® tablets function differently than other capsules do. Instead of being destroyed in the gut, they grow stronger.

When the BIO-Tract® tablets enter the stomach, the moisture in the environment activates a protective coating. This results in forming a gel matrix surrounding the tablet, forming a barrier that shields the probiotic contents from the harsh stomach acids and enzymes. The tablet then glides through into your intestines, gradually releasing its contents.

The advantages of using BIO-Tract® for time-release probiotics are that the bacteria are not damaged by gastric acids and are delivered over 8-10 hours. This means that the beneficial bacteria have a greater chance of making it to your digestive tract, where they settle and begin populating to support every aspect of health.* 

BIO-Tract® tablets deliver 15 times more probiotics than standard veggie capsules. The time-release tablets also keep air and moisture away from the beneficial organisms, providing them with significantly better protection during the tablet’s shelf life.^


Delayed-Release Capsules

Delayed-release capsules are made from an artificial substance more resistant to the stomach’s harsh environment. These capsules are typically enteric-coated, a specific polymer barrier that prevents the contents from being released until the capsule has gone through the stomach. (2)

The surface of the delayed-release capsule is made of a substance engineered to be stable in the stomach’s highly acidic environment but will soon degrade in the intestine. This allows the probiotic bacteria to be released and begins repopulating your gut, allowing the benefits you’re looking for.*

While these special coatings can keep bacterial cultures alive for longer, most delayed-release capsules only last about 45 minutes. It takes longer than 45 minutes for your stomach to empty and more time is needed for probiotics to pass through your gastrointestinal tract. 

The capsule contains air, and the coating may hold moisture, another disadvantage of enteric coating. Even in the bottle, contact with moisture and air can cause good bacteria to deteriorate and lose efficacy.

Why You Need BIO-Tract® Probiotics*

BIO-Tract® probiotics have numerous advantages over traditional probiotics:*


Bacteria are administered to your digestive tract over an 8-10-hour period using a time-release technique, optimizing their health support.*

More Survivability

The survivability of these probiotic capsules is 15 times greater than that of standard veggie probiotic capsules. This means more beneficial probiotic bacteria will reach your gut, where they are needed most to support digestion, healthy mood, metabolic health, and immune response.^*


The BIO-tract® tablets keep air and moisture out. This means they'll last longer in the bottle and provide shelf stability without refrigeration.

Choosing Time-Release Probiotics*

Probiotics support comfort in the presence of digestive conditions. It makes sense to invest in precision probiotics that have a time-release delivery system.*

Hyperbiotics PRO-15 contains 5 billion colony-forming units per dosage and 15 strains that support bowel regularity, digestive health, immune function, and healthy mood. This product is free from key allergens, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.*

PRO-15 provides a non-GMO formula that delivers 15 times more probiotics than standard veggie capsules. Instead of a coating or a capsule, a unique manufactured technique known as LiveBac and BIO-tract® delivery safeguard the beneficial bacteria while on the shelf and as it travels through stomach acids.^


Before grabbing any probiotic supplement off the shelf, ensure you are looking for a high-quality, deliverable product.* 

Standard veggie capsules may sound like a healthy option; however, the vegetable shell is not robust enough to shield the bacteria from stomach acid that can kill up to 96% of probiotics. 

Probiotic supplements that utilize BIO-tract® delivery and 8-10 hour time-release provide an advantage to distributing bacteria throughout the gastrointestinal tract where they’re needed for optimal support.*


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

^BIO-tract® vs. instant release formulations under in vitro test conditions.