PRO-Dental Testimonials

PRO-Dental Testimonials
"My boyfriend says, 'Your morning breath is so sweet!' This is my second review: In nearly 2 years of using PRO-Dental I have continued to have excellent dental checkups and NO BAD BREATH. As an internal medicine physician, it made sense to me that there is a need to maintain the correct microbiological balance in the mouth, but I had no idea what a tremendous difference it would make in my dental health, and the sweet morning breath is an indicator of correct balance. Thank you Dr. O'Malley for your research in devising this product. I have now signed up for bimonthly deliveries to make sure I don't miss a dose." - Moira D.
"After just one pill my husband's breath was better. This stuff is AWESOME. I have added it to my auto ship list we love it so much" - Jen
"PRO-Dental saved my life! For years I wouldn't go to any social functions!" - Amazon Customer

"I am sooooo happy to write this review. I have been mortified by bad breath for the last few years. I mean mortified. I brush my teeth and use mouth wash and gum obsessively and stand far from people when I talk. I have a history of tonsil stones as well so I have even been planning to have my tonsils removed JUST to save myself from embarrassment. My crazy intense research led me to a proper understanding of how all of these cosmetic hygiene products work (and don’t work, as the case may be). I began to understand that without the right probiotics in your mouth the kill the stinky guys, mouthwashes, etc., just mask the problem and it keeps coming back - with a vengeance. Last month, I decided to change my approach and then I found this formula. I have been taking it for nearly 6 weeks and I am proud to report a drastic shift in both my breath and my confidence. I can hardly believe it. This was the best experiment for me because now I also understand more about how health works and how nature equipped us with all that we need (our microbiome), the real problem is that we took it upon ourselves to destroy it! This single supplement is going to save me so much money (and pain) now that I don’t have to have a tonsillectomy!!!" - Zaure


"My husbands rank morning breath is so much better. I like to think that my breath smells like roses but just in case I’m taking it too. So happy to see there’s now a 90 count bottle. I also quite like the taste and look forward to taking them every night before bed. I think I need to get on subscribe n save with this one – it works!" - Adi

"Helped decrease my morning dragon breath down to your standard garden variety morning breath. I use this company's digestive probiotics and have had positive results with it so I thought I would give the oral product a try. I am happy to report that my over all oral hygiene is better than it was. I brush regularly, use a good mouthwash and floss but the morning breath was kicking like Jackie Chan. This product seems to have gotten that issue under control." - Scott C.
"LOVE this product! I noticed a difference after using in one day! Brushing, mouthwash, etc.,... wasn't enough for me - especially since I'm a smoker. This really helps my mouth feel like I just went to the dentist!" - Melinah

"I've been using Hyperbiotics Pro-Dental for nine months and have experienced an improvement in the health of my gums and teeth. Even though I practice good dental hygiene and dietary habits, my gums would occasionally become sensitive. Since taking Pro-Dental I have not experienced any redness or tenderness of my gums at all and my teeth remain strong and clean." - Sarah B.



"I went to a top dentist in NYC and he showed me a video about all the bacteria in my mouth and wanted me to do this expensive treatment. I thought I would give this a try first. It saved my life! It's amazing" - Amazon Customer


"I really enjoy using this product. I drink a lot of coffee and always seem to have coffee breath and continuously pop mints in my mouth. I noticed that when I use Pro-Dental my breath stays fresh and my gums and teeth feel healthier. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family." - Chris M.
"I love this product. I no longer have the foul taste that frequented my mouth. And my breath is much better. I highly recommend this to anyone who has dental checkups and cleaning and still feel their breath isn't fresh. It really works for me." - Linda S.



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"Singing praises! I can't even believe this is all I've ever needed! I have excellent dental hygiene but have dealt with death breath for over 12 years! Buy this now!" - T. Mullins

"I was little skeptical as I have not had much success with probiotics but wanted to try something new. This has worked quite well from the start. No longer brushing or scrapping the tongue couple times a day. Have been chewing 2-3 pills per day, after brushing in the morning, before lunch & sometimes before dinner."- Amazon Customer

"Great for those garlic nights. Works very well. I keep one in different parts of my mouth until it dissolves. I also love a two-part zinc based mouthwash. The two combined, never morning breath anymore." -CABeach

"My daughter started using the dental formula and says this spring was the first time in many, many years she has not suffered allergy-related congestion and post nasal drip. She feels it was the addition of the dental formula that was responsible." - Nora L.