PRO-Moms Testimonials

PRO-Moms Testimonials
"I felt compelled to write a review about this awesome product! I am so glad that I found this right away when I got pregnant. It keeps me regular and I haven't had any bowel issues for the majority of my pregnancy. I plan on continuing to take them for a good while after pregnancy too." - Maggie
"Awesome product. As a breastfeeding mom this really helps me with my energy. Great buy" - SRA
"This is definitely helping with the early pregnancy bloat. I think it is also slightly raising my energy level. In addition, I feel more regular than my last pregnancy. Probiotics are a crucial part of maintaining your health, especially during pregnancy. This is a great brand" - Lauren


"These are probably some of THE best probiotics I have tried. They have helped aid in slowed digestion during pregnancy and I wasn't sure quite how effective they were until I ran out over the holidays (lag in shipping times) and was without them for 2-3 days. There was a notable difference in how I felt and once I started back up again my indigestion and bloated feeling while 26 weeks pregnant improved. I will be sticking to these and have suggested them to a recently pregnant friend as well." - Heather B.

"I was first given two bottles of these by a midwife when I was pregnant, and took the capsules until my baby was about 2 weeks old. Then I ran out, life got busy, and I did not think I'd buy them again - until I noticed that my energy levels and general feeling of wellbeing had dropped a lot. I was glad to find Hyperbiotics available on Amazon (I live on a small island where shops do not stock supplements like these), and have felt much better since taking them again. I have more energy, which I notice especially in the mornings, and overall feel stronger and ready to take on the day. Highly recommended for pregnant and nursing mums." - Amazon Customer


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