The Secret to Naturally Increasing Energy, Endurance, and Muscle Mass

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If energy drinks, gels, and bars have become a crucial part of your go-to exercise routine, it may be time to reboot your workout regimen...and your health.

While you might get a temporary pick-me-up from quick energy fixes, nothing could be more destructive to your body’s natural energy levels—and overall health—than relying on stimulants like caffeine and sugar that can leave your system crashing and your gut bacteria in a state of imbalance.

You see, the amount of good microbes in your gut impacts everything, from your cognitive health and your immune system to your metabolism and muscular strength. So, if you are looking for a way to naturally support and increase your athletic abilities, consider the world of bacteria living within your GI tract.

Gut Bacteria is Key

Reaching our full physical potential is all about creating a healthy and balanced inner ecosystem, and that begins with our gut environment. The human body is mostly microbial, with all kinds of different bacterial colonies working together to support our lives and keep us healthy. This microbial world within our body (aka the microbiome) must be balanced with an abundance of good bacteria for us to function at an optimal level.

Unfortunately, many foods commonly associated with the typical Western diet—such as caffeinated beverages and processed or sugary snacks—are harmful to the good bacteria in our body. Research shows that our diet changes our microbiome incredibly quickly, which could mean that those sports drinks and energy supplements really aren’t doing us, or our microbes, any favors in the long-term.

Other bacteria-depleting culprits—like stress, not enough time outside, antibiotics both as medicine and in our food supply, the overuse of antibacterial products, and hidden contaminants in foods—can also wreak havoc on our delicate microbiome.

The good news is that you can achieve naturally increased strength and energy levels by eating a healthy, whole foods-based diet and making sure that you’re getting plenty of healthy bacteria into your gut.

Improve Immunity for Athletic Performance

When it comes to the benefits of healthy gut bacteria for athletic performance, improved immunity is at the top of the list. A large majority (nearly 80%) of your immune system cells reside in the lining of your gut, so your natural defenses critically depend on a proper balance of good flora.

If your immune system is in top condition, you’re able to recover more quickly from intense workouts and are less likely to feel depleted after pushing your body to the edge. A strong, supported immune system means fewer days stuck at home under the weather and more days doing what you love!

Enhance Your Natural Physique

Rebalancing your gut flora can also help you drop excess weight and build muscle. In fact, taking a daily probiotic with certain targeted strains like Lactobacillus plantarum may help you decrease body weight and build muscle mass in as little as six weeks of consistent use1.

What’s more, our bacteria have everything to do with how well we absorb the nutrition from our foods, which is why probiotics can help you get more vitamins, minerals, and protein from your daily meals and supplements for increased muscle strength and peak performance.

Up Your Energy and Endurance

The gut is often referred to as the “second brain” because so many of the neurotransmitters that influence how you think and feel moment to moment are produced there. That’s one reason why probiotics can help you improve mental clarity, cognition, and even your energy levels.

When you have the life-supporting beneficial bacteria keeping your system in balance, your hormones, glucose levels, and immune system can function more optimally and positively impact your daily energy.

Recent studies also show the potential for gut bacteria to increase endurance. In one trial, groups of mice taking Lactobacillus plantarum experienced four times the swimming endurance and nearly one and a half times the forelimb grip strength as mice in the control group1.

In a human study, runners who completed four weeks of probiotic supplementation had significant increases in endurance when exercising in the heat, measured at a whopping 95 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% humidity2!

Probiotics can also help to prevent exercise-induced inflammation (and corresponding drops in performance). And without temporary inflammation to contend with, your bones and joints will stay feeling fresh so you can minimize your recovery time between workouts.

Choose the Right Probiotic Supplement

In order to effectively repopulate your GI tract, it’s important to understand what to look for in a daily probiotic. You’ll want to choose a natural formula with many different types of bacteria—this variety will help support your gut’s diverse ecosystem and your health at its very core. It’s equally important to know the difference between microbes that are resident to the human microbiome and those that aren’t.

Furthermore, your stomach acids do an amazing job of preventing the living flora in most probiotic supplements from ever making it into your small and large intestine (where you need them). Simply put, probiotics need protection to get to where they need to go so they can set up shop, make their home, and start supporting your body on a daily basis.

Hyperbiotics PRO-15 was formulated with these factors in mind: a powerful blend of 15 of the most beneficial probiotic strains wrapped in a patented time-release tablet that delivers the good bacteria past your stomach acids and throughout your gut over an 8-10 hour period.

Because PRO-15 targeted probiotics are 15 times more likely to survive your harsh stomach environment than standard capsules, they can provide you with the intestinal, immune, and overall support that you need to achieve your full potential and live your healthiest active days.

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