10 Instagram Profiles That Totally Upgraded Our Feed––and Our Wellness Routine!

10 Instagram Profiles That Totally Upgraded Our Feed––and Our Wellness Routine!

Health lovers, rejoice! In the quest for continued great health and vitality, you can never have too much information—or too much inspiration.

That’s where Instagram comes in. The social media platform is the ultimate tool for finding and connecting with your like-minded tribe and a veritable treasure trove of fellow health warriors, all ready and waiting with their best tips to help you live a healthful life.

Whether you’re looking for delicious whole food recipes your entire family will love, new ways to enjoy movement and fitness, personal empowerment, mindfulness tips, inspiration in your relationships or parenting, or simple advice on how to add more fermented foods to your diet, you can find it on Instagram. And to make things even easier, our team has spent many happy hours researching and selecting the very best of the best to share with you (in no particular order!) so you’ll have plenty of free time to dedicate to implementing our favorite influencers’ top tips for healthy living.


1. Marianela, The Fuddhist

Let’s kick off our list with Marianela, aka The Fuddhist. If you favor a light-hearted, positive approach to wellness, you’ll love Marianela’s IG account. Marianela, a certified holistic health practitioner, is a proud locavore who advocates filling your plates with local, organic, fresh, seasonal produce.

She believes that, if we want to radiate health, our mindset is as important as the food we consume. Her Instagram feed is a feast for the eyes and the soul, just packed with gorgeous pictures of enticing whole food dishes and inspiring quotes.

If you have young kids, check out her Tiny Food Explorers venture, too—it’s best to start healthful habits early and Marianela is on a mission to help our kids make great food choices.

2. Kate Taylor, Cookie and Kate

An explosion of color is the best way to describe Kate’s Instagram profile. Scrolling this joyful feed will have you running to your nearest farmer's market with your belly rumbling!

Whether you’re looking for recipes for an energizing breakfast or a super salad, or you need to figure out the best way to prepare a spaghetti squash, you’ll find it here. All of Kate’s recipes are meat-free and bursting with feel-good vitamins. Oh, and Cookie, Kate’s little dog, is super adorable. It’s worth visiting her page just to catch a glimpse of Cookie’s smiling face!

3. Jason Wrobel

If you like a side of comedy with your kale chips, you’ll want to check out Jason Wrobel, vegan chef, comedian, and cat lover.

Come for the health tips, stay for the cat pics: along with photos of his furry felines, Jason’s account is full of photographs of food that looks completely sinful and gloriously virtuous all at the same time. (His recipe for brain-power-boosting Chocolate Pecan Crunchy Balls has gone on many a "must-make" list here at Hyperbiotics!)

If you’re going to surf the net for cat pictures anyway, you might as well enjoy a wellness boost while you’re at it!

4. Julie, Peanut Butter Fingers

Spend just a few minutes with Julie's feed, and you'll already feel like you're part of her family. From beautiful updates on her current pregnancy and really brave, open posts about her struggles with infertility to oh-so-relatable #mommylife posts, it's easy to get so caught up in the updates that you don't even realize just how many good, healthy tips you're picking up! She's a great source of motivation, inspiration, and information––a must follow for mamas everywhere.

5. Jeannette, Shut the Kale Up

Jeannette is an advocate of balance (as you’d expect from a yoga instructor); she’s ditched the desire to be skinny and is focusing on health, strength, and energy. Her followers enjoy pics of real food with gut-healthy recipes that anyone can replicate (including some healthy breakfast ideas in particular that will have you looking forward to your early morning alarm), but what we especially love about Jeannette is how diverse her feed is. She shares anything and everything that goes into her wellness routine, from workout gear to her skincare faves, making every post a happy, healthy surprise.

6. Jules Hunt, Om and the City

Once you’ve had your fill of Jason’s cat pics, head on over to Om and the City for some gorgeous shots of Jules’ pup. Oh, and get ready to soak up some yoga motivation while you’re there.

We love great food inspiration from our Instagram influencers, but we know that food is only one part of the wellness package. Jules reminds us of the importance of keeping our minds healthy, too. The NYC yoga instructor is big on self-reflection, mindfulness, and helping her followers build healthy habits that enable them to improve their bodies and their minds, so grab your yoga mat and get your zen on with her fantastic poses.

7. Kaitlynn and Scotty, The Cultured Guru

It’s time to hail some champions of microbiome Instagram inspiration: Kaitlynn and Scotty of The Cultured Guru, who appreciate the myriad benefits that a balanced microbiome can bring to your overall health, wellness, and vitality.

They’re on a mission to help us all enjoy fantastic health by adding more sustainably-produced, probiotic-rich fermented foods to our diets, so if you’re curious about fermented foods but aren’t sure where to start, their Instagram page is for you. It’s packed with mouth-watering pictures, recipes, and tips to help you up your nutrition game.

8. Dr. Megan Rossi RD APD, The Gut Health Doctor

The next stop on our Instagram influencers round-up is Dr. Megan Rossi, London-based dietician and specialist in gut health education. Her Instagram account is the perfect vehicle to share the latest science-based gut health news in a way that’s accessible to all—not just the scientifically-minded.

Dr. Rossi’s posts cut through the noise of fad diets and the potentially misleading dietary information we sometimes find online and focuses on what the scientific evidence tells us we should be eating and how we should be living for optimal gut health.

How will cutting out sugar improve your gut health? What’s the link between less than optimum digestive health and diet? Should you go easy on carbs? Find out the truth from Dr. Megan.

9. The Mac Twins, The Gut Stuff

Radio DJs and identical twin sisters, The Mac Twins are on a quest to discover the (scientific) truth about gut health—and they’re making it cool.

As guinea pigs for the British Gut Project, part of the TwinsUK research program at King’s College London, the twins have become fascinated by gut health and the impact it has on our overall well-being.

Their Instagram feed is full of expert interviews on topics as varied as how lifestyle changes can affect our genetics and whether we should add raw milk to our diets. They’re still growing their IG page, but their website is full of gut-friendly recipes (gut-buster curry, anyone?) as well as great videos, all with an emphasis on making gut health information fun and accessible.

10. Dr. Mark Hyman

Dr. Hyman's feed is your go-to source for answers to pretty much any food-related question. From dropping truths about healthy eating and its larger social effects and answering questions you didn't even realize you had (like "Are all calories the same?" and "Does healthy eating have to be expensive?") to delicious-looking brain boosting recipes, we are all about his straightforward, globally-minded approach.

Check him out whenever you're looking for some in-depth info on how food affects your body and microbiome. (Bonus: he's got some great bite-sized instructional posts teaching you things like the top 5 ways to improve your health in under 10 minutes. Can we say #healthgoals?!)