Superfood Berry-Chia Popsicles

There’s nothing like a frosty, fruity popsicle on a hot summer day to bring back sweet childhood memories and cool and refresh you and your kids all the way down to the bone! But have you looked at some of the scary ingredients in most popsicles you can find at the supermarket or on the neighborhood ice cream truck?

With these icy berry-chia popsicles, you’ll enjoy the very best of both worlds—a frozen dessert that tastes amazing and is actually good for you and your family. That’s because these pops contain so many genuine superfoods (and none of the stuff you don’t want to put into your body)! Fragrant lemons are alkalizing, detoxifying, and chock full of vitamins and antioxidants, and wild blueberries are a wellness powerhouse in their own right, delivering vital nutrients, prebiotic fiber, and anthocyanins with every bite.

But the benefits don’t end there. We’ve also included local honey for overall wellness; chia seeds for high quality protein, calcium, and omega 3s; and organic prebiotic powder to transform these popsicles into gut-boosting superstars.


• Juice from 4 average sized lemons (about ¾ cup)
• ⅓ cup organic local honey
• 1 scoop organic prebiotic powder
• 1¾ cups frozen organic wild blueberries
• 1 tablespoon chia seeds


1. Place all ingredients in a high-power blender and blend until smooth.
2. Transfer mixture to BPA-free popsicle molds and freeze for one hour.
3. Insert sticks into pops and freeze for at least an additional four hours (until solid) before serving.

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