PRO-15 Testimonials

PRO-15 Testimonials
"Feeling healthier and confident about the high quality of this product. I have now ordered the kids version for my sons!" - Abbs
"I feel that this product has really helped me to feel better. I started taking this along with several other supplements last month, and the difference is noticeable. I have more energy and I just generally feel better. I have definitely had a decrease in discomfort in the gut area. I'll be buying these again. They're no bigger than a green pea so they're easy to swallow. There's no bad taste and I never had an adjustment period where I had an upset stomach or anything like that. I definitely recommend these!" - M. Knight
"I have taken many different brands of probiotics and this product is by far the best that I have found at the best price! Works great and I can tell when I don't take it." - CH

"I'll just tell you how PRO-15 has changed my life. I've had issues with bloating and constipation for about 2 years. When I found PRO-15 on Amazon, I was skeptical. It arrived and I started with three a day for the first 10 days or so. Omg. It wasn't like other things I tried that just gave me diarrhea. I could FEEL the difference. I was regular. My skin cleared up. My hair started to grow. And I mean my poop was amazing lol. It sounds gross, but I could SEE the previously impacted poop leaving my body. I could see the bad stuff leaving. My bloating? Non existent. I recommend it to everyone that complains about any type of gut issue. Thank you for having an amazing product. You have a customer for life." - Dionysia

"Winter is just around the corner for me and I'm getting ready and looking forward to not getting sick this year...I love fall and winter my 2 favorite seasons and with me taking Hyperbiotics I should be good to go. Thanks so much this product has helped me tremendously." - Marcelle

"I've tried many probiotics over the years from many different companies. Few have shown the dedication to quality and customer satisfaction that Hyperbiotics has. Not only do they deliver a well made and effective probiotic with their PRO-15, they stand behind it 100% and have gone above and beyond in working with me to meet my health goals and needs." - Nathan

"These are the best. I've tried several brands before, but now I recommend these to all my friends! I'm convinced yours is the best product I've tried!" - Ron J.

"The public needs to be educated. I was a nurse and promoted probiotics after antibiotics back in the 80's and before. So much more research has been done since then, yet so many do not take them as they should. Thank you for such a great product and a great customer care team! God bless you and your business!" - Patricia
"I am a long time user of your product PRO 15 (2 years now.) When I was choosing a probiotic to take I had no idea what I was looking for. I choose your product because it was the best selling product on Amazon and also because it had the most probiotics: 15 Billion. I figure more is better. All I know now is that I can contest your product actually does work. I haven't had anymore intestinal issues. It works and I will continue using it. I only wish it was a little more affordable. But as long as they keep me healthy I will keep using them at there cost. Thanks again for your product. It really does work!" - Philip

"I don't usually write reviews but this one is warranted. Probably the best investment you could make on your body, especially if you are experiencing digestive issues like bloating, gas, or diarrhea.
"I started using this on May 7, 2016. Prior to that, I had a terrible history of terrible gas to the point where it was socially debilitating. It was rancid, man. I mean these farts could make your eyes water. Luckily my girlfriend loved me for who I am because anyone else would've left as soon as possible. This would happen at least 3 days a week. I read up on probiotics and saw nothing but good reviews and recommendations from doctors, so I thought what the hey. I would enjoy not obliterating my olfactory system everyday. So I bought these.
"These were Amazon's bestseller, and had great reviews, so I went with this product, but I'm sure 90% of the probiotics out there will get you with some kind of benefits. This particular bottle was easy to swallow and doesn't require refridgeration. I take one a day, and I'm about to buy another bottle.
"It takes about 3 weeks to change the culture of your gut, so I've heard, so don't expect it to cure you of your terrible farts and whatnot so fast. Definitely worth the time and investment though. My gut has never felt so healthy." - Amazon Customer

"How's this for a field test: In 7 days I traveled 17,000 miles across six time zones for work and didn't get sick. Both my coworkers who made a similar journey came back horribly ill. I took PRO-15 and Immune daily. Hyperbiotics, you have a customer for life." - Melissa

"Just my personal experience. If there is a miracle pill then this is the one. Had digestion problems for years. Finally decided to try probiotics and purchased this product. Started with 2 pills a day - one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I started seeing very positive results within 3-4 days and I didn't change my diet. I continue taking 2 pills a day for about a month now. And just purchased 2 more bottles of this product." - Amazon Customer

"I have been going thru various probiotics for a long time now, at least 4 different brands in the last 2.5 years. This works wonderfully and I was surprised at how quickly it started too. This is my third order. I waited until I had tried it for a few months before I decided to comment on its effect. It started working pretty quickly. I started taking one in the morning and one in the afternoon and things started improving, if you know what I mean. I then switched to two in the morning, on an empty stomach, and things got very well indeed. I will never give up this product." - Richard B.
"This is the best probiotic I've used. It has a wider variety of beneficial bacteria than others. Before using PRO-15, I used a "pearl" variety and one other popular brand. I notice the most difference with PRO-15. During the first two weeks taking it, I actually felt worse, but afterward I felt much better. I did some research and learned that as the probiotic is doing its work at first, it can be uncomfortable, but it's actually a sign that it's working. I feel much better with PRO-15, so much so that my husband started taking it, too, and also feels better." - P. Doyle

"Love this product! After traveling quite a bit in the last month (eating differently than I normally do and suffering the gastrointestinal consequences) it's taken only a few days to feel like myself again, if you get my drift." - Amazon Customer

"This is the only probiotic I'll ever use. I have a very sensitive stomach that usually always gives me problems but taking this has helped in so many ways, no longer feel or look bloated, no gas, and no more pain when food is digesting. I've taken other probiotics but this one out shines them all." - Aili

"Okay, let me just say, for me to post a review after only 3 days says a lot about the product. So I'll start by telling you for the past month I had no energy whatsoever. My alarm will go off and it would take me at least another 20 min before getting out of bed. My body felt so drained, I had no energy. Than there's the gas and bloating I've been suffering from. It seems everything I ate sent me to the bathroom. This had become so frustrating. I didn't want to go anywhere other than work. I wouldn't eat when I was out. I just felt lousy. I did a little research and figured it was time to detox. After searching online for 2 days I decided on PRO-15. Day 1: Before eating I decided to wait for the mailman to deliver my package. When it arrived I took one while eating and immediately felt the difference. I did not have to use the bathroom and my stomach felt better. Day 2: I was up bright and early, felt like my old self. Gas gone. Bloating gone. Able to keep my food in and so much energy, even for Day 3: Good ol' Monday morning...I actually beat my alarm by 20 min. I am a believer and will tell everyone suffering from the same problems, do not hesitate. Buy PRO-15 Hyperbiotics Probiotics." - Brooklyn


"This is a great product. I've been exercising for years (avid runner and gym rat). I've always had a problem with my gut (muffin top) even though the rest of my body was in great physical shape. I didn't know if it was because of bloating but I read that this would help with that...omg I've been taking this for about a month and have already seen a great improvement! Thanks!" - Chris H.

"I love my Hyperbiotics! I was having tummy issues for awhile- typically a growling, exploding tummy in the afternoons after lunch. After a couple of weeks taking one daily pill, my issues cleared up. I've now been taking them for about 2 years, and I'm convinced that they keep my tummy much happier than it was before. If I'm feeling out of sorts, I'll take two pills in the morning instead of 1." - Amazon Customer

"I love love love these probiotics! I was referred by a friend and I started using them while I was getting off of refined sugars and flour. My digestion has become very easy and my stomach much flatter since using them. I had so much less bloat and more energy after the first 2 weeks of using them! Occasionally I will splurge and eat things my body doesn't really like, so I keep some in my purse and pop 2 with the meal I think may upset my stomach and have no problems. Once I tried after the fact when I was feeling bloated and it still helped! I'm very happy with this product and I now recommend them to my friends and family." - Francesca D.
"I really love this probiotic. I've taken a dozen or more different brands over the years and none have really impressed me or delivered consistent, noticeable results. Right from the start of taking this I saw an immediate improvement in my digestion and have continued to receive the same benefits. I definitely plan on continuing to take this. It is the only probiotic that has delivered true results consistently. I highly recommend you give this a chance to show you the same amazing improvements. One bottle is all it will take to get you hooked for life." - Grace

"Since using this probiotic, I've noticed a big difference in my gut health. At first, I didn't notice much of a change and, frankly, thought this wasn't worth my time or money. So, I stopped taking it. Very quickly after stopping, my GI tract became erratic and irritable. I, also, began to get sick frequently. I went out on a limb, bought another bottle, and within around a week things began to settle and line out. I'm a fan and have referred several of my friends/family to this probiotic!" - Amazon Customer

"I was actually deeply surprised at how well and how quickly this product worked. Resolved digestive issues following a long bout of antibiotics - and with that resolution came better energy, better mood, better skin. I was seriously skeptical of such broad claims; imagine my surprise when I find them to be valid, especially after trying other brands of probiotic without appreciable results. I couldn't be happier to be proved wrong." - Amazon Customer



"Sick of feeling bloated or gassy? This product is the best probiotic I've ever tried. After about two weeks I noticed I wasn't so bloated, going to the bathroom is much "easier" and often and barely any embarrassing gas. I started with three per day to get my gut back to health and now I take one per day. Will definitely continue to buy this product to maintain my digestive system. I may also try the higher dose for a month." - Matthew S.


"These are the best probiotics ever! Before starting these I would have stomach problems and indigestion and a bloated feel several times a week. Since starting on PRO-15 I rarely have an issue. Give them time to work because it takes a little over a week to really kick in and start working." - Bryan M.

"I tried many probiotics to no avail. I gave up the search for a while and figured that I just had to live with my stomach issues. I decided to look again and found this one. This is the one that touts that the probiotics survive the stomach and make to the intestines. This was a silver bullet for me. The constant bloat is gone. I highly recommend this product for eliminating stomach bloat." - Amazon Customer

"I was having a variety of digestive issues and my doctor recommended this product. I have used probiotics in the past but was skeptical about a non-refrigerated, time release would work. I have been using for a month now and my digestive issues are minimal. I attributed it first to a better diet but then we went on a vacation and I forgot to pack these probiotics. I was miserable!!! As soon as we returned, I got back on these little gems and I am back to normal. Trust me. They work!!!" - S. Slaughter

"Woo-hoo! I eat as I've always eaten but without the frequent discomfort and churning-gut-feeling that had plagued me my entire adult life! One Pro-15 a day is all it takes." - Barbara
"I bought this product to keep my gut healthy, and I was pleasantly surprised after taking the product for about 7-10 days I began to notice a change in my mood. I felt calm. I noticed less anxiety and less easily angered. I was not expecting any types of changes like that, but after researching, I learned that studies have been done with probiotics that reveal these same findings." - Celeste M

"Wow. I must have had some funky business going on in the lower 40 but after popping a few of these pea sized capsules into the system I was off and running. Seriously... Running to the bathroom. After a few days I "regularized" and poop every morning at 9:00am for 7 minutes and again at 3:45pm for 3 minutes. Every other day I poop at 7pm as well. Clockwork. I love it. My bowels couldn't be happier. Best probiotic on the market." - Jtee

"I absolutely love this probiotic. I got one of these in a grab bag from MommyCon two years ago and it is the only probiotic I have continued to use. I actually have this in the kid's version as well and I give it to my children. It's hard to find a product that you can trust especially when there are so many different options out there and you never know where it came from or if it's actually going to work. I always immediately feel better after I use this probiotic I usually will use it when I start to feel icky. If you are thinking about using this product I highly recommend it. It's great, I haven't had any problems with it and I love that you can get it on auto renewal if you want." - R. W. Niebrugge



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"It absolutely blows my mind how one tiny pill a day has changed my life. I have tried other probiotics from other companies with little to no change. This one here has solved my day to day digestive issues. Amazing product." - Dan H.

"I have been taking this product for about a month now. I take one a day and see major changes in my digestive issues. Good stuff!!!" - Amazon Customer

"I am a long time user of your product Pro 15 (2 years now.) When I was choosing a probiotic to take I had no idea what I was looking for. I chose your product because it was the best selling product on Amazon and also because it had the most probiotics: 15 Billion. I figure more is better. All I know now is that I can say your product actually does work. I haven't had any more intestinal issues and I haven't had a cold or felt ill since using your product. It works and I will continue using it. I only wish it was a little more affordable. But as long as they keep me healthy, I will keep using them at there cost. Thanks again for your product. It really does work!" - Philip W.

"The public needs to be educated. I was a nurse and promoted probiotics after antibiotics back in the 80's and before. So much more research has been done since then, yet so many do not take them as they should. Thank you for such a great product and a great customer care team!" - Patricia B.