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Our Top 10 Favorite Kefir Beverages...and One You Can Even Make at Home

Our Top 10 Favorite Kefir Beverages...and One You Can Even Make at Home

Chock full of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and beneficial bacteria, kefir is a fermented drinkable milk or water-based beverage with a tart, refreshing, and bubbly taste. And when it comes to the benefits of kefir, probiotics and supported gut health are par for the course.

We scoured our local natural grocery stores to find the most nutritious (and tastiest) kefirs for every diet. Check out our top 10 kefir reviews below!

1. Lifeway Kefir. One of the most widely available milk kefirs, Lifeway Foods provides a huge variety of kefir probiotic drinks. From organic whole milk kefir in several flavor options to lowfat, nonfat, seasonal, and protein-boosted versions, you’ll find your own slice of heaven with these tangy, tart kefirs. Your kids will love ProBugs, a yummy kefir option for the younger crowd—and don’t forget about frozen kefir ice cream for a decadent dessert!

How does it taste? Smooth and creamy, this kefir is slightly tart with a very subtle strawberry aftertaste.

2. Maple Hill Creamery. Kefir from Maple Hill Creamery is made with whole milk from 100% grass-fed cows, which results in a nutrient-rich gut-healthy beverage high in omega-3 essential fatty acids. Maple Hill’s smooth and “not too sweet” kefirs are naturally sweetened and available in plain, maple, strawberry, and vanilla flavors.

How does it taste? True to it’s “not too sweet” claim, this vanilla kefir is perfect when you don’t want to overpower other flavors, like mixed with granola or as a nutrition-packed boost to baked goods.

3. Wallaby Organic. You may already be familiar with the company’s kangaroo-branded yogurt, but Wallaby now also makes lowfat kefir with organic milk from pasture-based farms. Using 12 Live and Active kefir cultures, you’ll never get bored with six delicious flavors—plain, blueberry, mango, raspberry, strawberry, and vanilla.

How does it taste? Peachy sweet! Nothing tart about this kefir; super thick and peachy in texture (toddler favorite!).

4. Green Valley Organics. For the lactose-intolerant crowd, Green Valley Organics makes a lactose-free, organic kefir that is easier to digest. Lowfat flavors include plain and mouthwatering fruit and vegetable combinations like Green Apple Kale or Strawberry Banana Kale, and you can also indulge in a rich whole milk plain variety, perfect for cooking and baking or as a replacement for sour cream.

How does it taste? Smooth and thick with a smoothie-like consistency and a tropical kick. Love the added flavors of pomegranate and acai to mix up the typical strawberry.

5. Redwood Hill Farms. If you have trouble digesting cow’s milk, goat milk kefir from Redwood Hill Farms may be just what your gut needs to reap all the benefits of kefir. Probiotic-rich and available in plain and blueberry pomegranate acai flavors, this flavorful kefir contains 11 Live and Active cultures and no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

How does it taste? If you love goat milk, this kefir is for you! Thicker than other kefirs, this tangy drink has a yogurt-like consistency and a mild flavor that will mix well with anything.

6. Nancy’s. Organic, lowfat kefir from the Springfield Creamery, Nancy’s Kefir contains billions of live probiotics and is naturally sweetened with organic agave. Plain, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, and peach flavors await you in both 8 ounce (perfect for an on-the-go snack) and 32 ounce sizes.

How does it taste? Thick, hearty, creamy, and packed with real blackberries, this filling kefir tastes like a yummy dessert.

7. Siggi’s. A Swedish style drinkable yogurt called filmjölk, Siggi’s product is similar to kefir, but utilizes different probiotic cultures and has a mild and slightly acidic taste. With just five simple ingredients and no artificial sweeteners, Siggi’s comes in both nonfat and whole fat varieties in five different delightful flavors.

How does it taste? Very mild vanilla flavor, slightly tart, and more liquid-y in consistency. Would make a great smoothie base!

8. Forager Project Drinkable Cashewgurt. For a surprisingly delicious dairy-free treat, Forager makes a creamy and smooth cashew drink fermented with kefir cultures. Available in plain, wild blueberry, and strawberry flavors, this organic, non-traditional kefir will keep you coming back for more again and again.

How does it taste? Refreshing and bursting with cashew creaminess, this was the one of the most drinkable (and thirst-quenching) kefirs in the bunch.

9. KeVita. If milk isn’t a part of your diet, kefir water is the perfect, refreshing way to enjoy drinkable probiotic goodness. Fortunately, KeVita makes an organic, vegan, gluten-free Sparkling Probiotic Drink with four strains of live probiotics in twelve different flavors (Mojita Lime Mint Coconut, here we come!).

How does it taste? The perfect gut healthy poolside mocktail! Insanely refreshing and tropical with just the right amount of bubbles.

10. DIY Coconut Water Kefir. On its own, coconut water is incredibly nutritious, rich in electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals that make it a perfect choice for recharging on a hot day—but fermenting it with beneficial bacteria makes it a real gut health superhero. For this simple DIY recipe, all you need is coconut water, sugar (optional), and water kefir grains for a fizzy, tangy treat that the whole family will love!

Because of their probiotic content, fermented foods and drinks—like kefir, kombucha, and sauerkraut—are the perfect complements to a gut-healthy life that focuses on nourishing your microbiome. And to make sure your gut is teeming with all the beneficial bacteria it needs to fully support your health, also include a daily, high-quality probiotic supplement like Hyperbiotics PRO-15 that features a time-released delivery to ensure that a potent dose of live organisms reach deep into the gut where you need them most!


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