What We’ve Learned About Kids and the Human Microbiome

It seems like we’re hearing a lot about bacteria these days. And for good reason.

The human microbiome (the inner universe of microorganisms, like bacteria, in and on the body) is being studied and understood more than ever before. From extracting nutrients from our food to influencing the health of our immune systems, the microbiome (and its trillions of microbes) is truly a unique cosmos of the microscopic.

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Here's to a Happy, Healthy Halloween!

Did you know the average child collects up to 7,000 calories of candy on Halloween night?

While adults indulge in their fair share of sweet treats during Halloween (we’re looking at you, pumpkin spice latte), the effect of such a massive amount of sugar on our children’s bodies can be drastic, and it all starts with the first bite.

You see, when your little one bites into that perfect piece of chocolate, his brain immediately releases dopamine, the neurotransmitter that controls his brain’s reward and pleasure centers. Interestingly enough, dopamine is also released by illicit drugs, alcohol, and nicotine. Just as these can be addicting, so can that sugary chocolate. Excess sugar also interferes with healthy immune function, affects brain behavior and cognition, and negatively influences many other aspects of human health and development.

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"We tried multiple different probiotics and had a hard time getting our daughter to take them. These were amazing! They are truly small (smaller than the size of a pea) and my daughter can actually swallow them instead of having to chew them. We saw a drastic change with her after she started taking them."

- Kelly, PRO-Kids

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